Planet of Thea (Coming Soon)

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Life was not good.

Life was never good, but now it was really bad. To be honest there was no life.

Every person in the world had their eyes glued to any screen they could find. It didn't matter what type. It was being broadcasted to anything with pixels. The big news. The kind that changed everything. But this wasn't going to change everything. It was going to change the universe.

Earth is Sending fifty lucky people to a new planet.

Charlie is an orphan he never had any family so when he is given the oppurtunity to escap the planet and people that made his hell for some many years he grasps it with both hands

Gaia has two sisters and loving parents, she is less than pleased when she is also selected. As they meet there is a connection that some may say only happens in fairytales.

But as time goes y in a foreign planet will the two teenagers realise the truth behing their adventure and when they do, Will their love grow stronger or be ripped apart by the darkness bearing down on them.

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