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Jungkook's POV

Thump! Thump! Thump!

My heart lurched in uncertainty, my eyes trained on my door. Despite it being three in the morning, someone was at my door. My family had left me home alone again, and I wasn't expecting any visitors. 

My grip on my phone tightened, cursing myself for accidentally dropping it on the floor last night. It wasn't turning on... 

I swiftly slipped past the front door, and made it to the landline house telephone. 

I should call the police, right?

Who in their right mind would visit me at this time, and bang on my door like that?

"Open the fucking door, Jungkook!" A muffled voice called out. "Please!"

I froze in shock, was that Taehyung? 

I rushed to open the door, feeling confused and worried. There was no mistaking it, it was definately him. Flinging the door open, I couldn't help but glare at him. 

"Hyung, what the hell?" I whisper yelled at him. I hoped the neighbours didn't wake up from this ruckus, although I doubted it. He wore a black cap and mask, concealing his face. 

He hurriedly pushed himself in, closed the door and leaned against it. He slid down slowly and sat on the floor as uncontrollable sobs escaping from him. His hands shook as he brought his knees to his chest. I stared at him with horror and uncertainty, watching him shake uncontrollably.

I crouched down beside him, and slowly put an arm on him. 

"No, don't touch me." He gritted out, pain and sorrow lacing his voice. 

"What had happened?" I asked cautiously, reluctantly retracting my arm. A gutwretching feeling overcame me, this was so unlike him. 


He suddenly brought his hands in front of him, he was wearing leather gloves. He mindlessly stared at them before speaking, silent tears fell from his bloodshot eyes.

"Remember when I told you about that old man?" He whispered, his voice breaking. 

His father?

The motherfucker who had been abused him, his sister and mother. My eyes widened slightly as a disturbing thought crossed my mind, no way...

"And I 'joked' about killing him.... if he touched them again." He continued in a hushed tone. I stared at him, my heart rate steadily increasing. 

"Hyung." I managed to say. "Did he-?"

"I killed him." He interrupted me. For the first time since he came, he caught my gaze and held it steadily. "I killed my father."

I held his intense gaze, desperately trying to find the 'joke' in that statement. 

No way did he do that. 


He started to laugh, a hollow, painful, crazed laugh. A laugh that didn't belong to him. 

"I did it." 

"Hyung, stop this." I started to say, reaching to hold him. "You're scaring me."

"Your hyung is a murderer." He yelled as more tears fell. He took his gloves off, revealed his blood stained hands. Dried blood were stuck in the crevasses of his nails, palms and folds. 

I was paralysed in my spot, my gaze trained on his bloody hands. I felt the colour drain from my face, and my mouth ran dry as I started to grasp the reality of the situation. 

This isn't happening. 

I opened my mouth to speak, but a sob escaped instead. "No, this is some kind of prank." I whispered lowly, not accepting it. 

He started to take his mask off. "Take a good look."

I took in his blood stained cheeks and trembling chin, my heart freezing from the overwhelming feeling of dread. My head hung low as I slowly started to grasp the reality of the situation, I wanted to scream and cry in anger. 

I hated the universe. 

"This is not fair..." I muttered to myself, feeling tears streaming down my face. My tear filled eyes met Taehyung's regretful ones.

He titled his head in confusion. "Huh?"

"You don't deserve this life." I continued in a hushed tone, my hands curling into fists. 

"Life, huh?" 

Life had always been complicated for us.

Life was unfair.

I hated it.

Wails of police sirens echoed in the distance, feeling terror wash over me. I took in Taehyung's state, his bloodshot eyes were wide with fear. He closed his eyes for a moment, before heavily sighing.

My heart froze when I took in his expression, recognising the emotion.

I saw acceptance. 

Acceptance on what he had done, and what will happen.



"Tell me about the other life you like talking about so much." He requested, desperation clear in his voice. 

A bitter smile found its way onto my face. "Those are just some dumb daydreams I have, every now and then."

"I don't care." He shot back, leaning his head onto my shoulder. "What was I like in that life? You told me before that I was...a singer?"

I chuckled. "An incredible singer. Your voice was heard by millions, and also loved by millions. You had a very nice upbringing, and dreamed to help your family's strawberry farm."

Taehyung laughed, a real laugh. "Strawberry farm?"

I smiled at the sound. "You were also a great dancer."

"I danced?" He cried out in surprise. 

"I told all of you before! We were a singing, rapping, dancing and self producing group." I reminded him. 

"We sound awesome." He commented in awe, his eyes glossing over.

"And we had these amazing fans, like all over the world!" I described my dreams, desperately wishing they were real.

"The world? Really?"

"You bet." I told him, ignoring the urge to cry. "We travelled the world together, won prestigious awards, lived in luxury apartment complexes, and sent lots of money to our families."


"And above all, the seven of us were happy. Despite having some struggles, we always managed to push through it. Together, as a family."

The police sirens were blaring, but much closer this time.

He looked up with his tear-filled eyes, as a bittersweet smile graced his lips. "That life sounds beautiful."


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