Red Polka Dots (3)

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Waiting in complete and utter silence while keeping completely still was something I was always good at.

I usually refrained form moving around. I closed my mouth. And I hid in the back as everyone else chattered around me, paying me no heed.

Not like I could talk anyways...

But this time, I wanted nothing more than to clamber out of the uncomfortable wooden seat and shove through the rowdy crowd to try and escape from the cramped room. I could feel my palms sweat and my heart race as I resisted the urge to do exactly just that as my anxiety started to slowly eat at me.

I quietly drummed my fingers on the vandalized desk and constantly looked around, restless as I tried to make the nervousness rushing to my system stop.

I jumped when the door loudly opened, banging mercilessly onto the wall as the guys piled in, their faces as dark as the storms we get here in town once in a while. I cringed at the intimidating looks and so did most of the girls around me, their loud chattering turning into silent, barely audible whispers.

My eyes darted to each and every one of their faces, wanting nothing else than to bury myself under a warm blanket to hide from the reality that seemed to hate me.

They finished with the picking...

It was supposed to be this morning, bright and early before the first class starts but most of the boys arrived late. It was obviously on purpose, thinking that if they didn't go in the morning, they wouldn't ever have to do it. Their mistake was to actually come to school sometime after the supposedly assigned time for the picking and our principal wasn't pleased. 

They were immediately whisked away right before the last period started and it didn't seem to take long...

I stiffened when my eyes immediately connected with those cool gray orbs that stared long and hard at me, his face an emotionless mask yet his eyes... His eyes were darkening with something I couldn't understand through those thick lenses of his that he decided to wear today, making my stomach churn with something undescribable. But it was only a second later before Kale quickly looked away, heading over to his seat beside mine as I quickly fought my blush down.

He's never looked at me for that long before...

Was he still a bit disoriented after the picking? Probably so...

With a sigh, I zipped open my bag, fumbling around as I looked for my sketchpad and a pencil to find a way to not only do something to pass away the free time given to us but also to try to distract myself from the way his gaze affected me so much.

If only I knew what those eyes truly did hold then...


"Destiny?" I craned my head to look at my mom, eyebrows raising in a silent question.

What is it this time?

She smiled softly at me anyways, grabbing our red umbrella from nearby the front door. "I'm gonna go out and shop for some clothes. Would you wanna come? I'm planning to stay out for a while so if you stay, you'll probably have to eat dinner alone."

With a small sigh, I slowly stood up, following after my beaming mom, not forgetting to quickly grab my red scarf and wrap it around my neck snuggly. 

I'd rather go out than stay holed up in that place. Anyways, my mom doesn't take long and usually makes things quick and easy so she must have tons to buy this time. Maybe we needed some more cereal or some milk...

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