Yes, I'm different, but he loves me [Chapten Eleven]

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<P>Ariane's P.O.V</P>

<P>Time passed by in a blur, the pain of losing Tylee started to fade, but I would never forget my little sister. I sighed and got into my car, to go to Stephen's. I don't know what's been going on with him lately, but something is up. I turned up the music in my car as Stereo Love started to play. Usually, I don't listen to this kind of music, but today, it just made me smile. I hummed lightly to it. As I pulled up to a red light, my phone started to buzz. I ignored it, of course, I was driving. I waited for the light to turn green, when the thought of the bastard killing Tylee popped into my head. We haven't heard from him in awhile, no texts, no calls, no threats. The police said they would always keep an eye on us since the accident with Tylee and I, but in no time at all, they were off doing their own thing again. I hated cops for that reason, they told us we were to be escorted where ever we went, and the day that accident happen, they were any where to be found. They could of followed the bastard and caught him. I gritted my teeth, and I realized the light turned green after a car behind me honked it's horn impatiently. I waved my hand apologetically and started driving, I was in the middle of the intersection when a blue car passed by me, and in the car was the guy. That bastard was still here, as he passed by me, he smiled evily and sped up. I'm sure it was him, because in my dreams, his face became more and more featured, and the one I saw in my dream was the same as this guy. Now they say that you don't usually dream of someone or something unless you actually see them in person, and I know for a fact, this was the guy. I frantically grabbed my phone, and was about to dial Stephen's number when I say the text message. I opened it, and saw a message that made my heart stop. It was him, saying I SEE YOU. The rest was all a blur, and all I remember were the sounds of sirens and screaming.</P>

<P>Rory's P.O.V</P>

<P>I had this nagging feeling that something bad was going to happen today. I had this feeling the day that Tylee and Ariane got hit. I shook my head and tried to tell myself that I was imagining things, but my cell phone rang, and that instantly told me something bad happened. I hesitated at first, but finally answered. "H- hello ?" I studdered , " Hi yes, is this Rory ?" a man answered, he had a sad tone to his voice. "Yes." I answered, dreading what he was going to say. "I'm the new officer covering your case, of the, well stalker. There was an accident, Ariane is in the hospital, again. When we pulled onto the scene, her phone was laying next to her, and there was a message from a private number, saying I see you. We figure the man that hit her and your other sister is back, and he means business." I dropped the phone, shocked. I could hear the officer saying hello, but I didn't care. He was back ..  and after my last sister, I had to do something about this. I picked up the phone, and told the officer I would be at the hospital as soon as possible. I was just grabbing my coat and keys to leave when I remembered Stephen. I was going to need his help if I planned on catching this freak. I ran out of the house and dialed his number, while getting into my truck.</P>

<P>Stephen's P.O.V</P>

<P>I was pacing around my house, waiting for Ariane to come. I had to talk to her about something important, and I was getting tired of waiting. I looked up at the clock to see that she was 20 mintues late. She is never late I thought to myself as I started to worry. As if on que, my cell phone rang, and Rory's named popped up onto the caller id. "Dude what's up ?" I questioned, and I could hear him breathing heavily on the other end. "No time to talk dude, he is back, Ariane is in the hospital ! Meet me there in five." The line went dead on the other end, and I could feel the rage fill my whole entire body. I threw my cell phone, and watched as it shattered against the wall. This guy has went wayy over the line. I ran and grabbed my keys, and slammed the door on the way out. Who the hell is the physco path !</P>

<P>Unknown's P.O.V</P>

<P>I never mean't to see Ariane today. I was just making my way back from her school, I enrolled myself, and was heading back to my hide out to plan my next move. When I saw her, I couldn't help but text her, to see the fear written all over her face. I waited to see her pick up her phone, but she didn't so I decided as she drove by to smile, I knew right after she saw me, she would call Stephen and say she saw a weird guy today smiling at her, making her see the text. All I could see in my review mirror was her run the next red, and see the semi truck smash into the driver side. I never mean't to cause her to get into an accident, let alone maybe killed. She panicked, why would she panic ! Maybe she knew who I was, now I won't be able to try and make friends with her at her school, just to ruin her life. Dammit !</P>

<P>Ariane's P.O.V</P>

<P>I could hear the beeping of hospital equipment, and I knew where I was. I was confused like last time. I could hear people running around me frantically, and I wanted to see what the commotion was about, but every time I tried to open my eyes, they wouldn't budge. I eventually gave up and fell into a deep sleep. When I woke up again, I could still hear the beeping on the equipment, but it was no longer noisy, I could only hear the soft hum of two people whispering. I slowly opened my eyes, but the light caused me to close them agan. Finally after getting used to the light, I was able to open my eyes, and I saw Stephen and Rory standing at the end of my bed. They were mad, but at what ? At each other? They continued their rant, and didn't even notice I was awake. "Hey." I finally said, in barley a whisper. Both their heads whipped to the side, as they both looked at me with shock clear on their face. I looked from Rory to Stephen, and I could see both of their eyes were brimmed with tears. "What .. what's wrong?" I studdered, they both fell at either side of me and broke down. " We didn't think you were going to ever wake up !" Stephen sobbed. I started to get panicked, "What are you guys talking about, I just got to the hospital today." Rory slowly lifted his head, and I could see him make eye contact with Stephen, " Baby, you've been in a coma." Stephen replied, and Rory nodded, "Yeah A, for 2 months." </P>

<P>A/N: Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I've once again been really busy with school and work. Hope you enjoy !</P>

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