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9. Just Give It To Me!
Tyler Hayes


"Priscilla!" I yelled.

I knew she was in there completely hiding me out for no reason. I've never been this close to undoing my curse now just like each time I make progress there's a blockage.

"Why are you hiding!" I screamed.

I knew the vein on my forehead would burst any second now, if I don't calm down I'm couple seconds away from transforming.

"Go away!" She finally answered.

I walked up to the door and I could hear her breathing on the other side. I couldn't understand the sudden change in events.

"I've already said too much you have to go" She said once more.

"I don't understand, you barely said anything" I said in a much calmer tone.

For years I've been at this and now I think I might just be on the crisp of giving up. I have an eternity to go, I was stuck like this forever maybe Cody was right if I just embraced it maybe I wouldn't be as miserable as I am now.  I heard the locks on the inside opening one after the other. I stood back and waited to see if she was finally going to give in.

"If I tell you what I know then that's it, I can't help you undo the curse. If I do then I'll be punished severely and that's not something I'm willing to risk" she said lowly.

"Fine, that's fair enough" I maintained my composure despite how truly desperate I was.

"Annabel Michelson, the ones from her line of ancestry may have the answers to your problem, now leave and never return"  she said before slamming the door in my face.

If that was all she could tell me, why not have done that during our last encounter. The only Michelson I was Hazel, is that why I can only hear her thoughts? If she's the solution then I have to get closer to her.

I was back home within a blink of an eye and I was surprised to see who was waiting for me on the step of my porch. The hatred I had for him went beyond our family drama, I had personal feelings that will forever affect the way that I view him. I fell in love once and although I wanted nothing to do with feud my family had with his, he made it his personal vendetta to make my life hell. Jane Rosalee was the love of my life and he had her killed for no reason.

"What are you doing here?" My voice came off with as a low growl.

"No need for the theatrics" James smiled as he took to his feet. "Wait, are you still mad at me over Jane?"

"You have five seconds to state your purpose"

"Or what? We both know you are the marshmallow of your family you have not one strong backbone in you. Maybe that's why Jane came looking in my direction" I allowed my temper to get the best of me as I ran up, grabbed him by the throat holding him up in the air.

"Are you done? Aren't you forgetting something?" He managed to smile resulting in me tossing him to the ground.

"Yea it sucks, neither of us can kill each other part of our silly curse. Annabel gave us eternity to learn to love each other which is contradictory since she made us creatures by day and night but as we can see she didn't have all her screws in tact" He laughed getting up as he got up and brushed his self off.

"Anyways, that ring of yours isn't going to protect you nor stop me. I know you're going after Hazel now so we'll see how this goes" he said raising his brow.

"Why are you guys back, my family and I have been peaceful why bother us!"

"I know you are after finding away to free yourself from this curse. I have been doing my fair share of digging too and from what I know it's buried here in Lockwynne but here's the twist out of all of us only one person can be freed and it's not who ever finds it first but the most deserving one who has learned the lesson Anna was trying to teach us. I don't know if it's a portion or a riddle you recite but what I do know I won't allow anyone else to find it before I do"

"And you think it'll work on you? You are the least deserving one out of all of us" I spat.

"There's only one way to find out then" He smirked. "I hope hazel is down for the ride"

"Leave Hazel out of this, I can hear you!" Without saying another word he left the same way he got here.

I could've ran to Priscilla since she lived in a secluded area which would minimize the chances of being seen but James on the other hand was literally running a risk.

I'm down to hang out, if you are. I get you're easily embarrassed but if you want to chill it's absolutely okay to ask.

I clicked send hoping she didn't think I wasn't being too cocky.

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