Appointing New Staff Part 39

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7th May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

The following morning, after a bit of a rough start, I managed to pull up in an empty car spot a few spots down from the side entrance to the small hall Deb ended up hiring for the day. I was eating one of my oranges. I was also yawning between bites after I grabbed a large folder up into my arms and turned away, pressing the remote lock for the car before dropping them into my bag.

I finished the orange just before I approached the door.

I then turned my back and pushed the door open and after shutting it behind me, I then turned to follow the voices I could hear further inside the older building. I had drove passed it yesterday afternoon to familiarize myself with where it was and where to park. Then, I went to the supermarket to get those damn oranges I really wanted. I had two more in my bag.

Anyway, I went in through another door and was surprised at how many people there were who were either sitting around or standing somewhere making chitchat with the person they were next to. Hearing Deb but not seeing her, I just waited to see what was happening.

"Look, if you can just wait over there a moment, we can get started shortly. Please..." She didn't look like she was getting anywhere with everyone crowding in around her at the moment.

I pursed my lips together and just gave an ear piercing whistle that got everyone's attention then turning to me.

" What the.." I heard some voice from within the throng that seemed to be surrounding Deb at the moment.

" Who is here to give their resume job application for working?" I asked in a louder voice than Deb's. Most of these people have not met me before. Or seen me either if the curious looks are anything to go by.

I saw several hands lifting up.

" Can those with job applications please come to me. Anyone here to apply for assistance, please go to Mrs Winton in an orderly fashion." I called out over the murmuring that started.

" Anyone who can't shut up, get out." I then yelled out to let them know how serious I was.

" Who is she?" I heard someone close by which only reiterated that they don't know me.

" I'm Doreene Bushell.  I am Home Assist. Now, as I asked before, I want everyone who is here with a work application to come to me. Everyone else, please go to Mrs Winton for the moment." I said a bit louder. Then I waited for people to move. But they were like snails getting about.

I know how hard it is for some people who need help. But that is no reason to be rude and problematic. I have no tolerance for these types. So, I start educating them straight away.

A few people pushed through and around those who were just standing there doing nothing and made their way over to me. I can see eight, at least who were coming to me. I was surprised to see that Carol, one of the first carers I knew from the very first meeting I had here in town, was actually one of the applicants. She looked a bit nervous as she looked at me and stopped not too many feet away without saying anything.

While I waited for them all to join me, I looked around for another room to use. Which was hard to see since these people don't obviously like to take requests and sit down.

" What are you looking for?" I heard Carol ask me. I turned to look at her.

" I need another room to talk to you all in. I am not familiar with this hall." I said to her as a few others joined us.

" This way." Was all she said which had me following her straight away. The others followed behind us.

A few minutes later, I was shutting the door to a smaller room with  a table and some chairs after letting Deb know where we were going and why in case more job applicants come in.

" As I mentioned a moment ago for those who do not know me, I am Doreene Bushell. If anyone already has a filled application with them, please drop it here and I thank you. But I won't be able to look at them right now. And for those who need them, I have some here." I started off saying to them.

" I have to say that I might be a bit old fashioned, but I don't like sending anything to an email just yet. Not until I get more familiar with the whole set up. I'm still getting used to the WEB being something we all are going to have to use every day shortly. But until then, please ask me for applications." I went on to say to them with a smile.

Carol came forward as the second person and handed me her application. She didn't look at me as she did that and to be honest, I didn't know why. We might have got off to a bit of a rocky start, but over the time in that meeting, I can see where she was coming from. Plus, I like the input of fresh new people who had ideas which were fresh and very well would be helpful in the future.

" Carol, can you help take those applications while I get out some blank ones please?" I asked her with a smile which startled her a moment.

She gave me a hesitant smile back and turned to grab the applications from the others who were standing around. I walked over to the others, six ladies of various ages and two men and gave them some blank forms.

" If you have copies of your resumes, we can begin looking through the applications if you leave them with me this afternoon." I suggested when they were a bit hesitant to start.  It was actually Carol who motivated them to start filling the paperwork out.

" Carol, can I leave you here with them for a few moments while I go and speak with Deb for a minute or two?" I looked at a surprised Carol who just started nodding her head. I gave her a smile as I walked out to go see Deb.

Poor Deb was being inundated with all sorts of people.

" Listen up. Listen up I said." I yelled out after standing on a chair. This was a bit precarious for me at the moment. But I had their attention after yelling at them again.

" Good. Now that I have your attention, can you please line up. You all know who was here before you so please do not try cutting in. It will only hold it all up for everyone and piss me off." I started to say to them.

I noticed that Cort was now here and he was the one who was now making everyone get into lines. I didn't want then in lines anyway. I just wanted them to have something to do to keep them occupied. It looked like there was going to be more client applications that I thought there would.

My head is trying to calculate the ratio's with two support workers per five clients on excursions. That was for day programs. Not one on one support  for community access. With the amount of people here looking for help, I might have to advertise for more support workers.

We steadily got through nearly all the families and individuals who were here along with Carol helping out after she got all the applicants forms and filed them.

At one point, I had to have Deb and Cort with me for a quiet moment when I called Carol over to me.

" Carol, would you be willing to act as an interim employee for Home Assist for the foreseeable future accepting all benefits and inclusions as per the job description, which will be shown to you at a later date with the confirmation at the end of the interim period, a secure offer of full time employment?" I asked her in front of the Wintons.

Carol looked confused and looked to both Deb and Cort before looking back at me again.

" What does that mean?" She asked me with a frown.

" It means that you are the first employee for Home Assist in Kerrville. That puts you in the position of being the first Branch's manager. So, I would accept if I was you. You just got hired." Deb said with a smirk on her face.

" What?" Carol asked with a dumbfounded look on her face.

" We are witnesses to you being verbally given a position in the Kerrville's branch office of Home Assist. So, how about you start helping the boss out." Deb laughed as she turned and walked away.

Poor Carol looked like a stunned mullet. But she quickly got right into it since she was familiar with some of the motions related to the job.

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