It's Finished Part 37

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7th May 2019 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

We all had a good laugh when we eventually got Cort calmed down. Deb was not so worried.

" I knew my girl can look after herself. I taught her well." She said to us without any kind of emotion while she looked at her husband who quickly shut the hell up.

The man was loud and very protective of his kids and especially of his only daughter. So, I can fully understand why he went off all ape like he did. It was totally understandable and I can understand that.

I could not understand the undercurrents that floated between Deb and Cort a couple of times. But that is I suppose a story for another time.

Anyway, Officer Dean came up and spoke to us about how Lionel was charged and it was really causing a problem for the Mayor and his wife.

" I don't give a shit how they feel. They raised a potential rapist if he has not already done it. My girl was lucky. Maybe one other girl was not." She said to him rather angrily. Cort rested his hand this time on her arm to calm her down when she looked to be getting up and wanting to snot the police officer.

" They, the Taylors, don't want Randi to drop the charges do they? I doubt that is going to happen. As her legal guardian having her under my roof with her parents permission at the time, I am legally obligated to ensure that any crimes committed against her have to be followed up and seen to by the law. I would be in dereliction of my duties as a carer if I allowed her to drop those charges. I would then have to press for them." I calmly and carefully worded my response to him which confused him for a moment.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Deb relaxed back into her seat with Cort's arm now resting behind her as she looked up at the officer with a satisfied look on her face. Much like a cat with cream.

" That's right. When Xavier called and asked permission for us, as Randi's parents, to have her as his date at his prom, I agreed knowing that as a full time carer and legal guardian of both her grandparents and of her younger brother, we gave her full permission to act as her guardian verbally while our daughter was in her care." Deb really got into the swing of what I was doing.

It was now out of our hands making it a full legal case were a child was assaulted while in care. But not my care. Care of the school. Now, it was really going to get interesting around here with the school now involved with a sexual assault committed on school grounds. The education department can't deal with this in house. That was regardless of the fact that it was another senior student who committed the assault.

It is now a matter of the courts. So... goodbye to the appointed office Mr Taylor holds as mayor of Colorado Springs.

A few days later, we got a call from our lawyer that Lionel went against his parents wishes and pleaded guilty to a lesser aggravated assault. I spoke with Randi about it and she didn't care. Photo's of her bruised faced, bruises on her breasts and left buttock cheek and bruises on her wrists were more than enough to persuade the boy to plead to a lesser charge when he was facing fifteen years in jail.

I was not too happy about it. But he was eventually released on a five year good behavior bond and the moment he commits another crime like this, he will be seeing the inside of a jail for the next few years.

The trial went on for several weeks of which time, he spent locked up behind bars which gave him a taste of what life in jail was going to be like. He didn't like it.

He came to a meeting with his lawyer to speak to Randi and her parents which surprised me. he was very apologetic about the whole thing and was not going to make any excuses other than he had been drinking. Which made me frown. It made me wonder how many other people, kids, had been drinking that night.

" Quite a few with the drinks spiked mother. You should have known that with all the hooplah kids get up to after the prom." Jasper said tome matter of factly. He looked like a full adult when he said that to me.

" But I know nothing. I didn't go to my prom. I had you kids to deal with and your grandparents to look after." I said to him quietly. So, I really wouldn't know what goes on after the prom." I said back to him quietly. The others didn't say a word when they heard that. But I was not too sad over it.

It was all done and finished with years ago. Like this court case against Lionel.

It was now finished and unfortunately for him, he couldn't leave town when his parents did after his father had resigned from his official duties. They just upped and left him leaving him here in the care of a distance relative who lived out of town to face the repercussion and aftermath of his drunken actions. I did hear some time later that Lionel managed to get himself into college and get some degrees later on. But I didn't hear much about him after that. He really kept to himself and kept himself out of trouble.

Anyway, I was back in Kerrville overseeing the finishing touches of our newest branch and waiting for all the furniture to arrive. Which had happen early this morning.

After arriving and when you walk in through the front sliding doors, you come into a large tiled garden with a water fountain feature that had water trickling through it. There was a tall glass wall around it so everyone can see it. But not be close enough to get themselves in trouble by touching it. Safety first has always been something with me. Especially when families come and stop in.

Looking to my left, you can see a carpeted ramp gently rise up along one wall until it levels out onto a platform before rising again to take you up to the second level. There was a matching ramp on the right side.

From the ground up several feet, the ground floor under the ramps were both closed in so no one would hurt themselves by bumping their heads. That area had been turned into storage. Steel rails and clear glass partitions from floor to ceiling covered the whole edge of the ramps with many hanging plants draping down. 

We certainly did not want anyone falling off the side did we? 

But we didn't want the place to feel closed in with rails, walls and bars. Hence the glass walls. But we wanted people to walk in and feel like they had come into a cavern that had light streaming in from above and make you feel like you had entered a little wonderland.

What most do not know is that there are a few hidden rooms and tunnels that some can be occupied looking for and exploring while parents or their guardians are dealing with the mountain of paperwork involved in becoming a part of my company.

I was very happy with how it was beginning to look. It was now looking very good now and also very welcoming.

Since we had been spending more time here than we thought, I had rented a small apartment for whoever was here at the time overseeing the work for the new branch office. Sometimes it was myself and sometimes it was Judy. I am somewhat happy with Judy filling in and have been thinking if offering her a more permanent managerial role independent of myself.

It was something we will be sitting down together to talk with her about.

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