Plans and Proms Part 36

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Had to do some editing. It needed it.

6th May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

I had returned home after sealing the deal for the warehouse after both the architect that Lucy recommended and the structural engineer both approved what I wanted done in changing the place from a warehouse to a fully functioning disability service provider center.

Judy was the one who had been directed to head out and oversee the work when I couldn't. I was spending more time there than I was here. But once we had the go ahead, we hoped to be installed in the newly converted offices within six months after getting the approval through Lucy's office when they saw the floor plans and diagrams for landscaping.

I also noticed that I was spending more time in the office than in the field these days. But that was to be expected since I was not sure who it was who was going to be overseeing the Kerrville office once it opens. And we had more clients now which meant more paperwork. There were so many plans in the works. It was no wonder I was feeling exhausted.

After speaking to my grandparents, I decided to head over to Kerrville to oversee that last of the building work and to finalize the gardening and landscaping I wanted done and how I wanted it. The only thing that needs doing inside the building now was finalizing the electrics throughout the building, plumbing and decorating along with a couple of bi-fold walls between a couple of rooms to make them larger when needed.

So, I was going to organize the painters, plumbers and decorators after I decide on the exact furniture that I thought was appropriate for the building considering it has to be wheelchair friendly. Since some of the furniture needed couldn't be gotten locally, despite us getting as much as we could, some had to be custom made and sourced from Austin.

I also had an idea for some of the rooms. It was only a small thing. But I felt that it was needed.

Fidget toys. Toys that not only helped those who were autistic regardless of age, but also  those who had sensory issues. These young, and older ones all needed some kind of equipment to help calm them down when it gets very stressful for them. It gets stressful for me and I am an adult.

Anyway, I wanted to spend time with the boys before I left and that was hard since they had officially finished seniors and graduated with honors. All three of them. Then there was the prom which I wanted to be here for to see them head off. What surprised me was that Randi flew over since Xavier asked her if she would be his date. I can tell that Xavier likes the girl very much and couldn't stop the grinning when he found out she was coming over.

I knew that was going to cause a stir when she walks into the hall with him. I know for a fact that some of the girls at the school had their eye on him and were not going to be happy when he brings a date with him from out of state. But Randi can handle herself. Deb assured me of that. Just because she might be in a prom dress doesn't mean that she won't get down and dirty in a fight if it was necessary.

Because she will.

The twins didn't take any dates with them. They said they were leaving their options wide open for the night when there was going to be girls, grog and giggles. Not necessarily in that order either I heard Bryce say. Jasper chuckled as he agreed with him. I just looked at them all myself when grog, alcohol, was mentioned. There should not be any at a school prom.

Pa just smiled until Grandma looked at him.

On the night, all four of them looked absolutely lovely. The fuchsia colored corsage that Xavier gave to Randi looked really lovely and complimented her dress a pinkish long draped gown, very lovely as well. I took quite a few photo's to make sure that Deb got to see what the young couple looked like.

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