Improving Additions Part 34

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6th May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

I was staying for a week here with Deb and looking over some of the properties to see how suitable or adaptable they could be for what we need.

What I also needed was Ollie who I had hardly seen since arriving. He was out and about long before I got up and long after I went to bed. If I didn't know any better, I would think he was avoiding me. But I was far too busy to really focus on him anyway at the moment.

I went with Lucy down to visit with Tony and Betty to see exactly how much they need help. Which they do.

" I want to bring in some assistance to work with you on what you really need to be able to function here much better than at the moment. I can authorize funds to help with extra renovations needed so that there is ease of flow with the wheelchair since you are only able to use the front door at the moment when Netty wants to go our side into the back garden. So, I am sure we can get something adapted out the back for you both, and for your daughter." Lucy said after she walked around the house admiring the flower garden they had.

I just stopped back with Netty and chatted away with her while the others sorted out what was needed for their daughter. I found that Betty and Netty like to sew. They don't make elaborate things. Mainly clothes for themselves along with gifts in the form of pillows and bags and lap blankets for others.

I saw on the wall in their sewing room, which I have to say looked neater and better stocked than some shops actually do, a couple of framed photographs of both Betty with Netty sitting in front of a machine as they sewed.

It seems that Netty's story was made an article in a couple of the countries sewing magazines. The article was in the frame with the photo and I stood there reading it out loud. Then I turned to Netty and smiled.

" Aren't you a clever girl. How lovely that you, with mum's help, can do all these lovely things. You are absolutely wonderful, Netty." I turned to look down to her and smiled. She slowly smiled back at me.

I did happen to notice that the machine as a bit of an older model that looked like it had seen better days. I pulled out my little note book and quickly made a notation regarding the make and model of the machine and to speak to Lucy later about it to see if we can get it updated. I'm sure we can do that for them.

My eyes had kept being drawn to the dozen or so partially finished quilts that were laying on the floor. They mostly just needed the backing on them I think along with the edging. I had a little look, which no one saw at them.

Netty laughed when I said I was going to do that in full sight of her. I made sure that I was doing everything and included her in all the conversations I was having. Even if they were with myself. She started licking her lips, so we went back out to the dining room where I faced her towards the kitchen so she could see me and I went to see what arrangements she had for getting a drink.

I saw a cup with a washer sitting under it and knew that was hers. I picked the cup up and looked around and saw a jug with Netty's name on it. It was just water. I poured some into her cup and then turned to pick up the washer and stepped back out to the room again seeing Netty watching me with her eyes.

I leaned down so she could see me as I spoke to her.

" I have you cup and poured some water from your jug into it. Would you like a drink?" She smiled at me so I knew she was wanting something.

I held the washer under her chin while holding the lip of the cup to her mouth and slowly trickled the water into her mouth. She must have been very thirsty as she drank the whole lot in one go.

" There you go. Not so thirsty now." I said to her with a smile which once more had been returned to me by her. Then I went back and sat the cup on the bench with the washer again not sure as to what protocol Betty has after each drink or feeding that her daughter has.

I say this because I know that some people wash their dishes in certain ways for themselves. I can only imagine that it was the same for our young friend as well.

" Just leave them there Rene. I will see to them." Tony said which had me turning to see the three others standing there looking at me. I looked quickly back at Netty.

" Oops. Looks like we got sprung my young friend. We is in for it now. let's run for the hills." I called out which only had Netty heaving in laughter. Literally, she was bouncing in her seat that much, she looked like she was heaving. I just smiled at her before turning to her parents.

" Half a cup from the jug." Was all I mentioned to them. They nodded.

It was decided that another entrance was going to be made through the sewing room for an access ramp to the back garden since it was not feasible at the back door which was too high and not enough room for turning.

Lucy even talked to them about the hoist. The house was tastefully decorated in it's heritage age and we can see that they have made changes for the wheelchair with widened doorways and minimal furnishings. But the hoist needed to run from the lounge room, up the hall and into the music room where Netty lays on the floor and listens to music where she also has some exercises done.

The hoist would also run into the bathroom and up into her bedroom. The hoist was not designed to carry her to all these places. It was a hoist specifically designed to help lift her out of the chair and down onto whatever surface she was being placed on. The only difference was that the harness was going to be changed for each bathroom trip for the bath itself.

" Did you know Netty, that since you have to have a hot bath every day, sometimes twice a day, you are entitled to a benefit to offset the extra cost of the power bill? I will tell mum and Dad about it so they can call their company for the forms to fill out." I smiled at her as Lucy was telling the other two about the specific hoist that was needed.

Tony heard me and mentioned that he will call them later. he too was taking notes down as everyone spoke. It was a lot for them to take in. But these improvements are going to be very life changing for them. For the better.

We spent nearly all day there with them which included lunch. There was me and Lucy and one of her assistants who was outside measuring and designing. When he was not here inside doing the same thing. Lucy and I took turns caring for Netty's needs while we were there to give her parents a short break, physically. It was a pleasure to do so.

The only time they put up a fight was when I told them they also needed a double team morning and night to assist with either getting up  or going to bed. Which included bathing as well. 

" This is not an option. A double team will have to be here by six each morning, seven days a week to help Netty get up and go to bed. You will also need to have from Monday to Friday unless you are away, six hours a day assistance where you will have to put down in writing the routine your daughter has so that it can be followed without either of you interfering. That too is not an option." Lucy was saying to them as they looked stunned.

" Plus, you also need to have a newer updated machine model that will help you in the sewing room." I added which Betty looked at me in shock. Then she blinked back the tears I can see beginning to form. I just smiled.

Then we talked about some wants they had. These were things they wanted where they could include Netty in. Like going on a holiday but needing a carer to accompany them. One who was familiar to them all who they trusted.

Needless to say, the Matthews family were a priority that needed help and both Lucy and myself were going to make sure that they got it.

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