The Meeting Begins Part 32

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6th May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

I took an opportunity to message Lucy while taking a bathroom break just before the others started turning up for the meeting.

I sat at the back of the room and passed out tags for the carers to write their names on so we would know who we were talking to. Mostly everyone came in with smiles on their faces. Some looked very tired. But were glad to have been able to come.

A few took an opportunity to go up the front after dropping their bags onto the table, which annoyed me, before making their way to the front where Deb was setting up.

" So, when do we expect whoever this so called person is from Disability to turn up?" This one particular lady asked with a  grating tone to her voice.  It really was grating. A little like fingernails scratching down a chalk board.

That, is very irritating. Just as much as putting your bag on the table. Most people drop their bags beside their feet when they are out and about. Then you come across those few who don't give a shit and that can be holding some little ankle biter in their bags and drop them onto the table not giving one hoot about hygiene.

" Excuse me. To those who like to drop their bags onto the tables, can you please remove them. You can place them on your seats or onto the floor next to your feet." I called out in a clear voice. This particular habit was something I was always trying to break with all my employees regardless of who they are.

It was my grandmother who started that habit off with me. And when you think about it, it makes sense and it is common courtesy to do so since we do not know where those bags have been.

Everyone looked at me after i called that out and then turned to make sure that their bags were nowhere near the tables. All except the woman who has cornered Deb at the front. I know she heard me because she looked around at me, stuck her nose up and turned back to Deb and just carried on like nothing was said.

I picked up a ruler that was attached to one of the mobile whiteboards and walked down tot he table where her bag was and after slapping the table with the ruler which finally got her attention, she turned to see me sliding the ruler under the strap of her bag and lifting it off the table and dropping it onto the floor.

She, along with everyone else who watched what I did.

" Excuse me? Who do you think you are to touch my bag?" She snidely demanded of me without even turning her body around to face me. She just turned her head like an owl would when not turning around.

" I could have put it in the garbage. Please, do not put it on the table again. It's disgusting and unhygienic." Was all I said to her without a smile as I glared at her. Then I walked back to the back of the room to assist the others who were starting to come in.

Five minutes later, Tony and Betty were pushing Netty into the room.

" Hi there. I have a spot over here just for you three." I called out with a smile.

They turned to look at me when I called their names and smiled with a look of relief on their faces when they saw it was me calling out to them. They pushed Netty across to me and turned her after moving a few other people away from us at the moment and backing her up against the wall where we were out of the way of everyone else. 

There was a chair for Betty to sit on either side of her with a small table between me and Betty and another small table on my other side which held paperwork and tags to write names on for those who do not know who each of us were.

The bag lady (I internally snickered at that) was actually a Carol. She looked like a Carol too with her slim build and reddish hair. She looked much like a carrot to be honest. But that still did not excuse her bad manners.

The room was filling up first and people were beginning to think I was Deb's helper, like Betty does.

" Excuse me people. If anyone needs a coffee or tea or a cold drink, the kitchen has the urn on and everything provided in the kitchen next door. If you would like a coffee to start with  when the meeting begins, then help yourself. But the meeting will be starting in five minutes." I called out to everyone.

Betty got to her feet muttering that she didn't mind helping herself. Poor Tony looked like he needed one too. I approached him with a smile.

" You may as well head out and get something while I watch Netty. She won't mind watching out for me. I saw how smart she was earlier." I said to Tony who grinned and quickly got to his feet and followed the few of the other men and ladies out the door. Then I turned to look at Netty again.

" Well then. It looks like it is just me and you, Kiddo. What say, we bust this joint and go paint the town red. Or maybe purple since it looks like it your favorite color." I said to her with a grin and I reached out again to hold her hand.

Netty turned her head with a smile and slowly looked at me. Then she opened her mouth and laughed. I couldn't help but smile at her.

" I think me and you should also do some wrestling. I know how to wrestle with balloons. How about a balloon fight later on?" I asked her which only had her laughing loudly at me more. We were still laughing and joking when both of her parents came back.

Once they were seated and I went and got both Deb and myself a coffee, Deb started to call the meeting to order.

The first thing she did was ask everyone from the far side of the room to introduce themselves and tell us how long they have been acting as a carer for. It was surprising to hear that mostly everyone has been acting in a caring capacity for an average of twenty years. 

All except Carol who has only been caring for a couple of them.

It didn't take long to notice that carol and the two ladies she was sitting with like to interrupt and try to take over the conversations Deb was trying to start on a number of occasions. We had just finished naming ourselves, or the others had, when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

Pulling it out, I saw with a smile that Lucy has landed and was on her way way to this position. I looked up at Deb who was trying to take back control of the meeting from Carol.

The lady really does like to be the center of attention. That is very easy to see. 

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