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Hi There Everyone,

Its me Krissie again.

Today I decided I would Rank my least Favourite Star wars movies to my most Favourite Star wars movies.

This idea actually came about in honor of my Traditional Re watch of the films for May the 4th AKA Star wars day.

So I decided I would write a bit about each movie and then explain why i love it.

Currently I am watching The Empire Strikes Back, having watched the previous Four movies already on "Australia's May the 4th".

I really do treat this like a Two day event that i spend pretty much by myself in my Star Wars apparel in my room.

The reason I say that I get two days of Star Wars happiness is because Australia is ahead in time. Some places in America I am 17 hours Ahead and some places in the U.K I am 14 hours ahead.

Hence Two days of Star Wars yippeeeeee....

If you have not yet seen any of the Star Wars movies and do intend too watch them some time in the future  Do Not read Ahead. #SPOILERS****

I think everyone has a story as to why they love a certain movie or Tv show so much. It might be your escape, your Fave Actor is in it , something you watched with your family as a kid or maybe something that always helps you sleep at night.

For me, Star Wars was a way that my Dad and I were able to bond, being the only girl in the family and rejected by my brothers, whom would not let me play toy cars with them.

I was often left out in the lounge room alone with dad. I guess dad got sick of Disney kid shows, The Swan princess and Rugrats in Paris because He introduced me to the world of Star Wars and obviously my life has never been the same..

Dad sat there and watched the movies over and over again with me . He never got sick of it, and neither did I.

years later this Saga would be the thing my dad would use to help me with my anxiety and would often tell me I should put something Star Wars on if I seemed down.

So Here is my Top ten Star wars movies ranked which includes the spin off movies Rouge one and Solo A Star Wars Story.

So Here is my Top ten Star wars movies ranked which includes the spin off movies Rouge one and Solo A Star Wars Story

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( ROUGE ONE - Disney- Google Images)

10) ROUGE ONE (2016) : Directed by Gareth Edwards.

A spin off from the original Trilogy and a stand alone film in its own right. Rouge one's plot focused on the Brave group of rebels who obtain the plans to the Death Star.

The film is the second in the franchise to feature a Female in the lead role, with the film almost completely centered around the lead character JYN. ( played by Felicity Jones)

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