Chapter 4: The Energy Enhancer

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"Someone wants to talk to you."

Viaan was sitting and thinking about his situation when he heard Vidyut. He was standing with his hands folded across his chest with a serious look on his face. Viaan followed him and thought Adhyay had something to do with it.

Viaan entered Adhyay's office and saw Nairiti standing along the wall. She had no expression on her face like always.

"We wanted to contact someone about the funeral proceedings. We couldn't get a hold of your brother. But your sister answered our call." Adhyay then flicked his left hand and a holographic image floated towards Viaan.

It was Viaan's sister who looked tired and sad. She gave him a tentative smile and he nodded back.


Viaan couldn't say anything else. The reality finally caught up to him. It was easy to ignore but now he had seen how different things were. His, always happy sister was sad. His brother wasn't there with her. He didn't want to think the implications of that situation.

"I'm here for you. You have to be strong. Things aren't good here. Vivaan is acting strange and there is unrest among people. You have to promise me that you will be safe."

Viaan nodded.

"Princess, how is the crown prince acting strange?"

Viaan thought it didn't matter. His brother was thrust into the position of a ruler. And he was also grieving. He had a right to act strange.

"He isn't spending time with his children and he isn't reacting to anything. It's like I don't know him anymore. You would think that I am paranoid or something. But you will understand if you see him."

"You have to give him time. What about the funeral?"

"Cremation in the evening. I don't think you can come. The council and people believe you killed Mom."


"I'm sorry but he also thinks the same. There are some pretty solid proofs against you. If you come back, they will kill you in a blink of eye. And the king won't listen to you."

"He was crowned?"

"Just a few minutes ago, in a private ceremony."

Viaan nodded. He could not believe that his brother didn't believe his innocence. It shattered his heart to many million pieces. Viaan could see the pain in Ahana's eyes but she chose him. She believed him. That was an anchor in the endless sea he was stranded. The waves would have swallowed him whole but Ahana somehow tethered him and balanced him.

"I have to go now. Take care Viaan. I will protect you, always."

Before he could utter a word, she faded away. Viaan's eyes were clouded with unshed tears. Viaan didn't want to see the pity in everyone's eyes. He turned and left the office. He didn't hear Vidyut calling after him. He curled himself into a ball in his room. He wasn't strong enough to lose his family in a couple of days. He wanted to avenge his mother's death but he also wanted his brother to believe him. He wanted his brother to smile at him with love not loathe him with hate in his eyes.

He fell asleep and woke up sweating. He stood up and stared out from the window. It was midnight and he realised he had lost track of time. His mom wasn't there anymore and he had the most cursed luck. He couldn't see her for the last time. He knew he couldn't have stepped two feet away from the building without being caught by Adhyay. And he couldn't step two feet inside Mihira without being caught by the guards. He pitied himself.

The sky was very bright with some occasional lights. Adhira was beautiful at night especially. He had longed to see he night lights but not in this situation where he was on run.

The lights were multi colored and started abruptly. They were spectacular and they disappeared suddenly. He especially liked the bright orange light. It cut across all the other colors and disappeared.

He didn't go downstairs for the breakfast. He wanted to wallow in his grief all his life. He was after all, doing a good job at it.

He heard knocks on his door which he disregarded. He didn't want to see anyone. He admired the tenacious nature of the knocker who didn't stop knocking. Figuring the person would go away if he slammed the door in the person's face, Viaan opened the door.

He saw Nairiti standing outside. She surveyed him and then entered the room. Viaan wanted her gone.

"You are coming with me."

Viaan didn't want to go anywhere.

"I'm not leaving this room."

"I knew I had to persuade you. I'm the supervisor here. I order you to come and buy the supplies with me."

He couldn't make his saviour angry. He would be dead if it wasn't for her. She wanted to tell him something.

Viaan and Nairiti were walking in the overly crowded street. She took him to the apothecary and bought some herbs. Then she took him to the stationery. The owner recognized her despite their clothes. They wore dark red clothes and their faces were covered. He did not understand why they were being stealthy.

He found the reason when they got attacked. There were five people in black clothes and they paid him no attention. They were circling Nairiti and she was ready to fight. Viaan took the advantage of their concentration in the girl and he hit two of them front he back. He fought them with his sword and Nairiti was fending the other three off.

They continuously clashed their swords in the alley and Viaan was surprised at the power and strength behind each clash. They were fighting without breaking into sweat and Viaan admired that. He was no novice but a good sword fighter. He had barely incapacitated them by a blow on their heads in the end and saw Nairiti doing the same. She was not struggling but a fighter was still fighting her. She was bleeding too. Her shoulder was cut and Viaan moved to help her. He steadied her as she was thrown back and she looked at him in surprise.

She recovered fast and kicked the fighter. Viaan also fought him and finally after a few moments, the fighter was knocked out. They walked back the way they came and when they stood near the edge of the village, Nairiti rounded back on him.

"How did you send energy to me?"


"When you touched me to steady me, I felt energy coming inside me. And you weren't moved by the shadow magic of those fighters. It had no effect on you. They were leaching off my energy. You fought three of them single handedly and then you helped me."

Viaan was not understanding a single word she uttered. She had seen the stupid look on his face because she sighed.

"Shadow magic doesn't work on you and you enhanced my energy. You are like an Enhancer of magic. Your power helps all magic. No one has heard or seen that."

"I don't think I helped you by enhancing your energy."

"You did. I was on the verge of exhaustion and your touch made me full of energy. You are an Enhancer."

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