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"I hate being a slicer, Tommy." You argued with your brother, Thomas. "Why can't I be a runner like you?" You questioned him annoyingly. "Look, you are my sister and I can't let you go out into the maze everyday. Especially when you have a boyfriend and a best friend who would never let you risk your life just for a way out of the Glade. I know I would rather stay here the rest of my life with you being alive than living a life outside the Glade without you." Thomas retaliated. "But what can I do , Tommy.  You know that I think animals deserve to life." You whined. "Go ask your boyfriend, Gally. Plus the reason you were assigned the job of slicer is because you were to weak for building and to precious for running and you sure as hell weren't working with Zart." Thomas replied. Thomas hated Zart because he tried to kiss you on your second day. "Fine! I'll go ask Gally." You growl as you skip over to the builders work area.

"Please Gally!" You plead while holding your boyfriends hand. "No. I need to fulfill my duties and you need to fulfill yours." Gally said firmly pulling you over to the blood house. Ugh how you hated that place. You and Gally were having a little argument about your jobs and you asked him to trade jobs. Being the usual grumpy pants he is, he refused, even for a day! "Please Captain Gally! Slicing is not a job the only girl in the Glade should be doing. I should be farming or cooking or something better than killing animals for Frypan to cook." You whine. By this time Gally has had enough and has let go of your hand walking back over to where the builders were. You quickly follow him hugging him from behind hoping he will lighten up. "JUST GO BACK TO KILLING ANIMALS YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF KLUNK!"  Gally screams at you while pushing you off of him making you fall to the ground. "YOU ARE TO WEAK TO BE A BUILDER!" He screams again this time punching you in the chest. You quickly run to the homestead trying with all your might not to turn back and retaliate. He broke your heart. That Shank.

Newt comes up to you crying on your bed. You got a room in the homestead seeing what happened when you first got here and was sleeping out side.                                                                                                                                                               FLASHBACK                                                                                    Finally falling asleep after a long day of a confusing tour with Alby, you feel a hand over your mouth. The hand gets replaced by a strip of cloth which prevents you from screaming. You could make out 2 figures on either side of you lifting you up. They were dragging you to the deadheads as it was far away from where everyone slept. You finally arrived at your destination when they kidnappers tied you up to a tree. Looking at them you recognize one face. Winston. The Keeper of the slicers. "Look, y/n, you will be a slicer. You will not fall in love with any of the other boys. Or I will personally Kill you." Winston growls holding up a knife. He slowly pulls back and as soon as he was about to release  the knife, he was punched by a strong, muscular figure. Gally. Gally knocks both the kidnappers out and rushes over to you, quickly untying you from the tree and pulling away the piece of cloth that was wrapped around your mouth. "y/n, it's going to be okay." Gally whispers while embracing you in a hug. You have never felt so scared in your life. But you have never felt safer than in his arms.                                                                                                                                                                                                             FLASHBACK OVER

"What's wrong, love?" Newt asked while gently putting his arm around your shoulder. Newt has always been the kindest to you and has a cute little nickname for you. Love. It's nothing to much, just a friendly nickname. "G-Gally yelled at me and p-punched me in the st-stomach." You sobbed burrying you head in Newts shoulder. "H-he told me that I was w-weak and w-worthless." You started to cry even louder. "He did WHAT?" Newt started. "How dare he say and do that to his girlfriend and more importantly my un-biological sister!" Newt always thought of you as his sister although we know that is not true because of a sheet of relations WICKED had sent up to us for some un-known reason. "You have to tell Tommy or Alby." He continues. He lifts you off the bed and drags you towards your brother. "y/n, what the hell is wrong? Did someone hurt you? was it Gal-" "Yes, Tommy. It  was Gally." Newt chimed in. "I swear to god that if he hurt you in anyway I will beat the klunk out of that shuck-face." Thomas angrily replies. "No, Tommy." you say barely audible. "Please, just come with me to talk to him." You imply to both of the boys. Thomas wraps his hand around you waist and Newt your shoulder. Thank god for siblings, sort of.

"GALLY!" Thomas growls. "Get your shank ass over here!" Newt adds. A worried Gally turns around and runs to hug you only to be stopped by Thomas's hand pushing him away. "Look, y/n, I am so so so sorry about before. I wasn't thinking straight and -" "Cut the shit, Gally. You have some explaining to do." Thomas, being the protective brother, interrupted Gally. "You hurt my bloody sister, Gally!" Newt added. "She's not your shucking sister. Shank" Gally retorts "I don't give a shuck!" Newt fights back. You raise your hand for them to stop fighting and they get the message. "Tommy? Newt?" You squeak. "Yeah y/n?" They say in synchronization. "Can you leave Gally and I alone to talk for a bit?" You shakily ask. "Not with this slinthead!" Snorts Thomas "Never in a million years would I - " You cut him off. "Please, Tommy, Please!" (For those who read the death cure, you see what I did there?) "Hey, stop taking my lines!" Newt Chimes in."Sorry Newt." You reply. "Anyway. Please Tom, Just leave. That includes you, Newt."  "But -" They whine. "No 'buts'. Just Please, leave." Thomas and Newt think about this for a while then Thomas looks at Newt who gives a nod of approval then finally, "You have 10 minutes, Gally. If you do as much as lay a finger on her then there will be consequences. Bad consequences." Thomas says as he walks of towards the map room which is just behind where you are talking. "And if you dare think about trying to kiss her then I will report you to Alby and personally throw you into the maze." Newt  grumbles "Oh Please you couldn't thr -" Just go, Newt" You Snap. "10 Minutes Shank." Was his last words before following Thomas. "Look, Gally." He holds a finger up to your lips to stop you from talking. "y/n. I am truly sorry for what I did. I got overprotective of you and I just couldn't think of the other builders looking at you in a way that says 'I love you so much'. I just couldn't think of it happening to my girl." He whines making you blush. You love it when he calls you 'his girl'. "If you have ever been my friend, -" "Seriously, STOP TAKING MY LINES!"  Newt shouts from the map room making you giggle. "Please forgive me y/n. Please" he begs practically kneeling down. He takes your hands in his and softly kisses them " I don't know, Gally. You punched me in my stomach and hurt my feelings really bad." You reply quietly. "Oh Please y/n, if I hurt you again you can never talk to me again and put me in the slammer every spare second I have but please, just give me this one chance. Please y/n." He was crying now. His eyes were all glossy with tears streaming down his face. "Please, please, I love you. Please." He pleaded. You can see that this relationship means the world to him. YOU mean the world to him. "I Love you to." You mutter. Gally gets up and hugs you just the way you like it ; his hands around your waist, your hands around his neck with you face buried into his chest and his head resting on yours. He kisses the top of your head and mumbles "You are my world. I will never hurt you again." This makes you smile into his chest. You look up to him about to lean in when Thomas comes up to you and pulls Gally off of you and swinging you over his shoulder. "10 minutes is up, shuck-face. Come on Newt, we have to report this shank to Alby." Thomas spoke. "Stop!" You yell while reaching out for Gally. He grabs your hands and doesn't let go. "Let go of her you Shank." Newt fumes while pulling Gally's hands away from yours. "TOMMY! I love him." You scream into Thomas's ear making him drop you. He walks toward Gally with a red hot, angry face. "You better not hurt my sister again or I will make sure you don't make it out of the maze, alive!" Thomas Yells. Gally pushes Thomas onto the ground and runs over to you, picks you up and kisses you. Feeling like a bomb is in your stomach you kiss back as Newt and Thomas make gagging noises in what they were seeing. You pull away and rest your forehead on his, smiling. "You are my world." You whisper. "You are my everything." He whispers back.

It's getting late so Gally carries you to your room in the homestead and kisses you goodnight. "I love you y/n." "I Love you too." You say to Gally. Gally starts to walk away and you grab his hands. "Please stay." You whisper. "Anything for you, babe." He whispers back while snuggling into bed with you. He wraps his arm around you and you rest your head on his chest. You couldn't live without this. Neither could he.



So, right know I have so much ideas in my brain but I don't want to overload this story at once. Oh Well. #YOLO am I right?  I already have 16 reads and I am aMAZEd (see what I did there?) that I have any reads at all. Thank yall so much, hope you enjoy these imagines because I enjoy writing them. Please vote :)     

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