Life With Terror POEM

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Life with Terror

My life's not easy

My life is hard

I wish you'd show me

But now I drown in the dark

There's no light

That can break this fear

I try with all my might

To shake the dread here

I'm left without protection

Without a friend

Without affection

My terror will not end

I can't find a way

To make this okay

I'm stuck in this trap

With no way to get back

I call out for help

But no one can hear me

So I'm stuck with no way out

Because I won't be saved

My short life is now gone

I didn't suffer for too long

Death is more peaceful

Life is challenging

Death isn't an end

It's a beginning

Life is a starting point

To get you to the stars

Where you want to be

Like in all of your dreams

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