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Billie POV

beautiful. she's beautiful.

we've been facetiming each other for a couple of weeks now and oh my god. i never thought i could feel this way. and about a girl.

we definitely don't hold back when we want to say anything to each other.

"y/n what the fuck"
i say

"what now!"
she says with the sweetest laugh
i could listen to her for hours.
her being happy makes me happy.

"you're so fucking hot!!! like
can you fuck me!"
i blurt out
there was a long pause
but this wasn't the
first time i've said something
like this.

"ahh mama you know good
and well that when you say
that shit you make me blush"

"i just want you to be here with me"
i say wanting her to be here
i wanted her to hug me
i wanted to kiss her and fuck her
and well tell her that i love
her and more than a friend
loves a friend.

"you know i'd do anything to
be there with your and make
you happy bil"
she bite her lip.

"you know what, i have and idea"
i say without hesitation
"come with me! on tour. i'll
fly you out to my next location
and you can be on tour with me

"WAIT....are you serious?
you actually wanna put up
with my dumb ass"

"dude i'd want nothing more
than for your 'HOT ass' to be
with me"
i say as i look back up into
y/n's eyes
they were so deep she had so
much depth to her. i wanted
to see all of her.
inside and out good and bad.
i needed her.

"billie i cant with you"
she says laughing
here we go again with
the laugh.

"okay i'm gonna go buy that
shit right now and you
better believe i am!"

"oh my god billie!!!"
she says this screaming out
of excitement
"i love you."
she said this with the most
beautiful and soft tone
i wanted to hear her talk
like that for hours while
she holds me.

"i..i love you too"
i say caught off guard
we both smile
"OKAY anyway, bye bitch"
i say in a hurry to try and
get off of the phone as fast as
i could so i could buy the

"goodbye billie"
she says with the sweetest smile



i can't believe that just happened. did i just tell billie that i love her i-

i mean it's not a lie but why would i say it on facetime. i'm an actually idiot.

i get a text from billie sending me the information on the flight.

well looks like i'm leaving in 3-

i rushed and started packing. i don't why but i felt a weird need to impress billie. yes we flirt a lot but what friends don't.

okay wait i think a lot of friends don't but i mean. LOOK AT HER! i feel like i'm in the same boat as billie. i've always been asked if i'm gay and i always said no because...

well i thought i wasn't... and i still don't think i am but i'm attracted to billie in a way that i can't describe.

i wanted her. and i wanted more than just to be in her presents and maybe that's why i agreed to drop literally everything and fly out to be with her. i wanted all of her. every inch of her fucking body.


i haven't been able to do anything but think about her. think about what i'd been like to have her soft lips on mine.

i want to know what she tastes like.
i want me and her to be one and there to be no one in the world that can stop us from being together......

i'm gay...

the plane lands and i hurry to grab my bags. as i do so i text billie


" hey where are you?!?!?"
i text anxiously

"turn around mama"

i look up from my phone and turn around to see billie standing with finneas.

i rum straight to billie. i don't think i've ever ran so fast in my damn life.

i fall into billies arms instantly taken over with the feeling of warmth.

i never wanted the hug to end. i felt so safe.

"oh my fucking god! i can't believe you're here"
billie says as we both pull away from the hug to look at each other. she said this with the most precious look on her face.

"dude i love you so much"
i say as i hug her again but this time i feel one of her hands slide down to my ass.

this sensation sent chills all over my body and all i wanted her to do was to touch me more.

so no i didn't mind.... at all,

this feeling took me into another universe, but i quickly snapped back into reality when finneas spoke

"okay, okay billie my turn"
finneas said smiling

i hug finneas. hoping he didn't just see what billie did. he obviously didn't.

i've learned when finneas has seen/ heard things. when me and billie would facetime i swear he would walk in at the worst times possible.

it did make me talking to him feel more natural though since i have talked to him along with billie every single day.

we hurry to get back on the bus

"okay, sooo this is your home for the next couple of months.... i'll give you a tour"

i say more excited than you'd think.

billie shows me almost the whole bus before it starts to move

"and last but not least.... this is your bunk"
billie says this as she bites her lip and pats on the bed across from hers.

"perfect! i'm so tired"
i say as i hop onto the bed and billie gets on hers.
by this point it was 1am so we were both exhausted from the long day we both had.

"ah you don't wanna hang with me"
billie says as she lays down in her bed and scoots over obviously making room for me

i look into her bright blue eyes and melt.
i quickly do what i knew would make her happiest and lay next to her.

i wrap my arms around her holding her tight as we both drifted off into a deep sleep.


i'm going to sleep now

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