Cold Feet-Jon Snow x Reader

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Y/L/N= Your Last Name
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Jon's POV
Out of all the possible scenarios that could've played out, this had to be the one that did?

I tie my shirt, facing the mirror to make sure I don't look complete horrible today. I couldn't look bad, not for Robb. Not for Y/N. They needed me today and I refused to back away this time, even if Lady Stark didn't want me to attend.

Once finished with my attire, I back away from the mirror and look out the window. Y/N's family just arrived back and I remembered the first time I met her. If only, I could go back and change the outcome of that day, I would.


I raced through the castle halls to make it in time to be behind Robb when the long-term guests arrived. We repeatedly asked Father why they were staying so long but he told us nothing other than to be kind to them while he tried to finish an agreement with Lord Y/L/N. Quickly, we stopped bombarding him with questions and agreed to be nothing but kind.

I scooted through the people in the courtyard and took my place next to Theon Greyjoy, behind Robb, when the carriage pulled into the entrance of Winterfell. Lord Y/S/N and Father began to talk as if they were old friends when the family stepped out of the carriage.

The mother looked around and spotted her husband before walking over to him. The daughter slowly stepped out as well, watching where she placed her feet carefully. I stand on my toes to get a better look at her but it doesn't help that she won't look up.

She continued to watch everything else but what was near us until she got in front of Robb. I had the perfect view to see her when she finally looked up and she first made eye contact with me as she smiled politely. Her eyes made the magic Old Nan spoke of seem as real to me as when I was a child. The smile she gave me wasn't anything less than exquisite.

She was absolutely beautiful.


"You can't just sit there sulking, Jon. Come join us. The party is spectacular but it would be so much better if you were in there as well." Y/N walked up behind me and slowly sat next to me.

I shake my head, not daring to look up at her eyes. "I can't do that, Lady Stark would be furious with me."

Sighing and taking a few moments to think, she answered back, "Just because you are not her son, doesn't mean you don't have Stark blood in you. You deserve to have fun with Robb and me tonight." She stares at me but doesn't get any response, "Please, Jon." She stands and turns to be right in front of me before whispering, "For me?"

I sigh and look up at her and she smiles sadly to me with her eyes pleading for me to go back in with her. "Fine." I stand as her wide smile sends my stomach into fits of butterflies.

We walk in together and she grabs my hands and begins to dance, forcing me to do so with her. I wasn't complaining, though. "Smile, have fun, don't let one person ruin tonight for you." She leaned to whisper to me.

I shake my head and, against all my tries, smile.

We swing around the floor to the very long song that played. For once in my life, I was so glad that a song seemed to go on forever. Her laugh echoed in my ears and mind long after they would happen. At one point, I began to laugh along with her.

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