Chapter 5

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Two days had passed since Jessie had killed her shrunken stepmother. The shrinking company had come and gone already, having decided that Claire couldn't have shrunk in the home since the gun was missing too. They wouldn't tell John how she had shrunk due to confidentiality laws. She must have left the house with whatever it was.

Jessie still hadn't relieved herself but the pain had become unbearable. It was time. She unceremoniously sat down on her home toilet and unleashed hell. It thrashed out of her like a liquid train exiting a tunnel. She was done in what felt like seconds due to the insane pressure of it exiting her bowels.

Claire was somehow alive! It must've been the shrinking process, she was somehow more resilient. It felt like weeks had passed in this densely packed hell. She was pinned against the ribbed edge of her stepdaughter's rectum. The thick sludge pinned her down like a hydraulic press. She couldn't believe that, after everything, Jessie still somehow hadn't found her but that was the reality she was living. She couldn't understand why Jessie hadn't been to the bathroom in so long, perhaps she was constipated.

Suddenly the sludge began to move away from Claire like a speedy landslide. She cheered as much as the pressure would allow her, even being flushed away would be better than the hell she was in. After most of the sludge had passed, Jessie kept pushing to allow the final bits to leave. Claire and these final bits tumbled towards the open exit.

The rest of her excrement began to finally make it's exit from Jessie's rectum. Claire continued to fall towards the hole with it, excited by the light she had missed so much. Impatient and mostly empty, Jessie finished pushing and pinched off the rest with a swift clench of her asshole. Claire hit the closing exit hard after having been falling. She made it part way through, leaving her body still inside. Without wiping, Jessie stood up and peered into the filled bowl. She couldn't see the corpse of her stepmother but hadn't expected to, it was probably deeply embedded in there. She flushed it away as if it were any other excrement.

Jessie pulled her panties and pants up, thinking about her future without the woman she hated, and left the bathroom. She could hear her Dad distraught in his room. He remained hopeful though, he figured Claire had just went somewhere without saying since there was literally no trace of her. Passing by his room, Jessie offered words to console and reassure him. Her brother had finally returned from his time away, they exchanged looks as he passed her in the hall.

Claire, trapped and pinned, tried to scream out as she heard her name mentioned but Jessie's anal flesh invaded her mouth. After having spoke with her Father, Jessie left his doorway and ventured towards her own room.

She stripped out of her clothes, deciding the night was far too hot to be wearing pyjamas. Plucking a small bottle off her nightstand, she sat on her bed and topped up her nails with her favourite clear varnish before bed. She still hadn't even noticed an itch in her asshole, despite Claire's head sticking out of it.

Finally home, Leon had went straight to his room. He had heard about the incident but paid it no mind, for he did not care that much. The one thing he did care about was the strange gun that lay amongst his box of replica guns. John had left it there, thinking nothing of it.

Leon looked at it curiously. Paying no attention to the meaning of each button, he flicked a switch, turned a dial and took a random shot.

Suddenly one of his action figures grew to around 4 feet tall but all of the details on it had faded. Like it had been stretched. He jumped at the sudden appearance of it in his room. He couldn't believe it! He had his own size increaser.

Not knowing what to really do with it at this point, he put it aside and left the room to shower before bed. He entered the bathroom, pulling the door shut behind him, the hiss of the shower echoed through the room.

Jessie felt slightly gassy as she sat waiting for her nails to fully dry. She lifted her cheek to one side and let rip. Suddenly she felt as if more than a fart came out of her as she pushed. Panicking, she stood up and went to her mirror. Bending down, she looked over her shoulder and her jaw dropped. There was Claire. Fully intact.

With no care for her nails now, she pulled Claire fully out from her asshole and placed her down on her nightstand. Jessie sat down on her bed smiling. "Thank God you finally found me!" Claire began, still covered in Jessie's excrement. Jessie responded, while getting a tissue and wiping Claire down, "I thought you were gone for good, Claire".

Claire laughed an awkward laugh. "I thought I was t..." she began before Jessie cut her off. "My boyfriend fucked you pretty deep into my ass and I left you tombed in there for days. Yet here you are..." she said in a fear-inducing tone. Claire's eyes widened. Her heart beat like thunder when she processed the words.

Slowly Claire began to back off along the nightstand, suddenly turning to run. As she did so, she knocked the bottle of clear polish onto the stand. She continued running but quickly tripped in the thick goo. Jessie sighed as she watched the feeble attempt. The polish kept pouring out of the bottle onto Claire, leaving her covered. Rolling her eyes, Jessie plucked her out of it.

She stood Claire up, her tiny naked body dripping from the nail polish. "That was stupid wasn't it, Claire?" Jessie said, expecting no response. Claire begged "I'm so sorry, Jessie! Please get John!". Jessie gestured for Claire to wait there while she looked for some wipes.

Claire stood still, finding the thick goo made moving tiresome due to the weight of it on her body. She watched patiently as Jessie continued her search.

Soon, Jessie returned to facing Claire with a pack of wipes and even nail varnish remover! To her surprise, the nail varnish had almost dried entirely; probably due to Claire's body heat. On the nightstand stood a perfectly straight and hardened version of her stepmother. She laughed and looked at the bottle of nail varnish remover. Claire watched, her eyes forced open, as Jessie's expression turned from an intrigued smile to a devious one.

Plucking her up, Jessie tossed Claire's hard body around in her hands. She was like a tiny doll now. Thinking about what she could do with Claire, something came across her mind. "Now who do we know who plays with dolls?" she said to Claire. Claire tried to scream but no sound could exit the hard shell that surrounded her.

Jessie threw on her dressing gown, opened her door and peered into the hallway. The shower could still be heard from the bathroom, that was a good sign. Sneakily, she crept to her brother's room and placed Claire down on the edge of his bed. Jessie quickly left the room, only stopping to flash a quick wave to Claire and say "have fun!" with a beaming smile.

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