Chapter 1

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Two men entered the ruins that have long been forgotten by time. One a man with a wanted past, the other is his temporary employer. "Come on Aviss. I didn't hire you to slow me down!" The impatient man said. "What are we looking for exactly professor." Aviss said. "We're looking for knowledge! Here lies an ancient burial filled with books! Can you believe that no one has discovered this yet?!" He said as giddy as a school boy. "Uh yeah sure I guess." Aviss said clearly not paying attention. He peered over the professor's shoulder, to which he had a map. "So why don't I have the map?" Aviss asked. "You're merely the brawn! I'm the brains of this operation!" The professor said with an arrogant tone. Aviss rolled his eyes and got a glimpse of the map. The two continued to trail forward, after a few minutes there was a sound of grinding rocks. The professor looked down and saw that he activated a trap, he then looked straight ahead and had a spear through his head, the blood splattered on Aviss's face who was taken back but not entirely shocked. The professor laid dead on the floor with the spear imbedded in his head. "Well, an old ruin with a ton of treasure? Come on professor, you knew better." Aviss said slyly. He then put his foot on the professor's body and pulled the spear, he examined it and held onto it. "There's bound to be more traps." He said to himself, "why am I still talking? There's no one here." He continued. He took the map and examined the ground. He noticed there were some plates that stuck up from the ground and examined their locations. He then walked forward and got past the room of pressure plates. He then came across what looked to be the second trap. He saw the chasm and blades coming out from the walls, he inferred quickly that there really is no way across without using the blades to get through. He sat there and did some thinking. Memorizing the time the blades come out and when they retract. He got up and took a breath, and he jumped to the first blade, he then decided to continue to balance himself on the blades and leap from one blade to another. He noticed the blades were beginning to retract and had to pick up the pace, there was six blades left and they were already close to retracting. He then hopped into the fourth blade and jumped for the edge. He caught himself and scurried to climb himself over, he huffed and saw a torch. He tried grabbing the torch to take it but it went down and activated a stone brigade from underneath the chasm. "So when I complete the trap I gotta pull this lever? That'll make this shit waaaay easier." He said to himself. "Still talking to yourself..." he added and continued his journey.

Aviss then saw a maze and heard the sound of bones rattling in the distance. He then perched up to a high point and scopes out the scene. The maze branched off into three separate parts he noticed the shortest route was guarded by three skeleton hounds, Aviss immediately dismissed the idea for the fact that it was too many to fight. He then saw the middle route which was not too long and there was only two hounds. He took note of it and looked at the longest route which had only one skeleton hound. Aviss concurred that it would just take way too long to finish that maze. With some quick thinning he decided to take the maze with the two hounds. He made it through and got to the end. He noticed the hounds weren't there and decided to take this advantage and open the door. The door was locked and he cursed under his breath. There was text that flowed that said "defeat the hounds that guard this door." Aviss then heard growling and felt the hair on his stand. He turned and saw the two hounds, he took the spear he had and blocked their attacks, the dogs weren't too big but they weren't some lap dogs. They were enough to take down a large animal at most. Aviss kept them at bay, trying to find a way to defeat them. One lunged and tried to bite him, to which Aviss pushed the spear into the eye socket and jerked it. Causing the skull to shatter a bit. The creature fell and laid there defeated, Aviss smiled and was getting to fight the other one until it got up with a purple aura surrounding it from above. The hound was restored and acted like nothing happened. Aviss cursed under his breath and fought the dogs, he then saw a lantern that radiated the purple aura that was used to heal the dog. He then dodged both of their attacks and gained some distance, and he threw the spear up, the dogs were closing in and their fangs were bares. Aviss closed his eyes and heard the lantern shatter, a loud WHOOSH, was heard and the skeletons crumbled. The spear fell down and Aviss caught his breath. He got up and opened the door which led to a long corridor.

At the end was a pyramid in the center of the room, he looked around for anymore tricks but there didn't seem to be any. Aviss climbed the pyramid and saw a black and red staff with a blade at the front, some ribbons holding the blade and a U shaped blade at the other end. He picked it up and studied it. "Sooo no treasure? Just some dusty, rusty crappy looking stick." Aviss said outloud.

"Who are you calling a stick mortal?!" A booming voice said. Aviss jumped a bit from shock and looked around. "Who said that?!" He said as he looked around. "The 'rusty, dusty stick' you imbecile!" The voice said. Aviss looked at the stick and it glowed red as he spoke. "You can speak?" Aviss asked. "Of course I can I'm over thousands of years old!! Why? Did you not think that a Darkin like me could speak your primitive language?!" Yeah voice said. "Well, I'm sorry I don't remember my broom ever speaking to me." Aviss said with a grin. "Miserable you not fear me? One of the Darkin's greatest warriors?!" He shouted. "Hmm well you didn't tell me your name 'O great stick'." Aviss said snidely. "I'm the great Elpis! The great ruler of the Darkin!" He exclaimed. "You don't fear me?!" He added. "If what you say is true. Then you, a Darkin, should've possessed me." Aviss said looking at his staff. The staff went silent. "It's true. You are smarter than I thought peasant." The staff said. "And the fact you went through my traps does say a lot about you." He added.  "Only those who passed those traps could wield me." He said proudly. "So you're mine? Like to use?" Aviss asked. "Of course. You have proved your worth even though you have quite a mouth on you." Elpis said.

Aviss smiled a little cockily and held him with pride. He then heard two voices which seemed all to familiar. "Who is that?" Elpis asked.

(Btw the picture is what Aviss looks like, credit goes to LegoLePrick for providing the picture)

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