Part 3

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I woke up to the sound of my phone going off.
I wondered what was happening,
so I took it from my nightstand and opened it.
I saw that I had thousands of messages from Instagram.
I went on the app and looked to see that I had a lots of dms,
follow requests and tags.
I was surprised and curious about that,
so I looked in the pics I was tagged in.

I scrolled down for a lot of time, trying to understand everything.
I was shocked but yet not surprised.
So basically, some fans saw that the boys started following us.
So there was a lot of drama and all.
They were all wondering who we were and many of them
we're jealous AF, some are crazy and psychopaths
I received a lots of hate comments and all this shit.
I decided to ignored them all and blocked the persons.
I texted Ingrid :

Me : Ingrid did you see all the drama on Insta about us?
Ingrid : Yup, they're dumbass
Me : I know, some of them are so crazy. They were telling me to kill myself and stuff like that. I swear, they're crazy and overprotective. Like the boys aren't your property.
Ingrid : I know, anyways are you going to do the exchange?
Me : Yep and what's nice is that it's in the USA.
Ingrid : I know, maybe we'll meet Why Don't We again.
Me : Omggg yessss
Ingrid : I'll go register. Talk to you later.
Me : Byee

I registered to the exchange and decided to dm Jonah because I was bored.
When I first texted him, i didn't really expected him to answer.
He actually answered pretty quickly.

Jonah : Hey how are you?
Me : You still remember me?! 😂
Jonah : How could I forget you
Me : Awww that's cute
Jonah : I wasn't finished. I couldn't forget you after the scene with Daniel.
Me : You mean 😑
Jonah : 😂♥️

Omg Jonah Marais just send me a heart.
Is it a dream? Snap out of it!
It's no big deal.
Calm down.

Me : So how is touring?
Jonah : Really great but Daniel is still in a real bad mood.
Me : Sorry but I can't stand this guy.
Jonah : I'm sure he didn't mean it. He's not like that normally.
Me : I don't like him that's all. But anyways how are the others?
Jonah : They're great. I gtg, we have a concert later so bye.
Me : Bye 😁

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