⚫Chapter 49⚫

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Monday, April 9


Four months had passed by and nothing. Not a single bit of action or noise. Jasper had transferred to Regnum Ignis because we knew Roman would've never allowed Isidora to leave his sight. Nathan visited us once right after he turned nineteen. It was weird not seeing him or speaking to him on his birthday, but I saw him a couple of days later.

Jasper hadn't visited us at all. The last time we saw him was four months ago, the day he left Regnum Aqua. We had stayed here the entire time. I wanted to visit Regnum Ignis to see what was happening, but Sebastian wouldn't let me. I didn't bother disobeying him, so instead, I waited. We waited.

I couldn't understand why Roman hadn't struck yet. I mean, yes he was obviously thinking things through and taking his time, but four months was literally sixteen weeks.

I was nervous. We had prepared ourselves. We learned how to fight and how to defend. We gathered spears, shields, bows and arrows and swords. But still nothing.

And that's when I realized. I knew exactly why nothing was happening. Roman hadn't found the ring yet. I assumed it wasn't just lying somewhere out in the open. It was probably hidden. If he couldn't find it with help, there was no way we could find it either.

My friends and I were currently swimming in a hot water pool refreshing ourselves.

"I'm tired of waiting," Elias said.

"We all are," Raphael said.

"I mean at least we're not on earth. We would have to go to school and do boring stuff," Neha sighed.


"I just don't get it. I mean will Roman ever find the ring?" I inquired.

"Who knows? I think he should just give up," Violet said.

"Well, Roman seems stubborn. Giving up has probably never even crossed his mind," Elias said.

"I wonder how Jasper's doing..." Julian added.

"Me too. Do you think he hasn't visited us because Roman isn't letting him?" Indigo asked.

"Possibly. I mean Roman is Roman," I said.

"When I see that douche, the first thing I'm going to do is punch him in the face," Blaike muttered.

"Well, the next time we'll see him will be when he has the ring," Saphira said.

"It sucks that we have no powers," Lucian sighed. "I wouldn't mind drowning him."

"That reminds me, when we do fight him, who's going to be in their wolf form?" I asked.

"Obviously the guys," Blaike said.

"Ok, that is totally unfair!! Amara wants to fight too!!!!" Neha exclaimed.

"No, the girls will stay here," Lucian stated.

"Lucian, I am fighting whether you want me to or not. You can't stop me!" Saphira argued.

"No, you are not! I don't want you to get injured," he responded.

"It's not up to you!!!"

"Yes, it is! You're my mate."

"I cannot deal with this right now," she said before getting out of the pool.

"Saphira wait!" Lucian called out to her.

"You can't protect me from everything! I am not a child!" she yelled as she grabbed her towel before storming off.

I got out of the pool immediately and followed Saphira.


"I just don't get it! Why can't we fight? Why do the guys treat us like we're weak? Lucian is so aggravating!"

"Saphira! Don't worry, we'll get to fight. I won't allow us to just stay here in Regnum Aqua while the guys go."

"Ok. But why is Lucian so protective of me? He acts like he owns me! I understand he's my mate and I absolutely love him, but my decision to fight is not up to him, it's up to me."

"Saphira, he's just scared. I mean if you had a choice, would you let Lucian go and fight?"

"Of course not. I wouldn't want him going anywhere near that psychotic Roman guy."

"Exactly. I fully agree that us girls should be allowed to fight and trust me we will just don't forget that he's also very scared. I mean we all are. Roman will be very powerful when that ring slips onto his finger. We have a lot to lose which is why we need to be careful."

"Ok, maybe I overreacted a bit. Thanks for calming me down," she said before giving me a hug.


Once evening came, Elias and I both headed to bed.

"Leilani?" he called as I walked over towards my side of the bed.


"You're so beautiful."

I formed my mouth into an O. I felt shy hearing him say that I was beautiful so casually. I laughed awkwardly as I slipped into bed. I pulled the sheets over my head to hide my cheeky smile.

"Don't hide from me," he chuckled as he ripped the blanket away from me.

I laughed in response before placing my hands over my eyes. I suddenly felt him remove my hands from my face. I watched him carefully as he placed a kiss on my hand.

It was weird seeing this side of Elias. He was so gentle and affectionate. I wanted to see this side of him more often.

"I'm so lucky," he sighed as he caressed my hand. He then moved his lips near my face as he reached over to move my strands of hair to reveal my neck.

"One day, I'll mark you right there," he said as he rubbed his fingers over the spot. "That's if you want me to."

"I d-do," I stammered. Then Elias did something that I would never forget. He placed his lips onto that spot and kissed it lightly.

It sent a million electric bolts through my veins as I sighed in satisfaction. I wasn't sure if the attraction was twenty times stronger because I was a vampire and he was a werewolf, but it was intense. I felt so alive just feeling his lips brush lightly over my neck.

After, I shifted myself closer to Elias allowing him to wrap his arms around me. He immediately fell into a deep sleep.

After a while, I closed my eyes too.

Tuesday, April 7

I don't recall the exact time this happened, but I just remember waking up to a weird sensation filling my body. I opened my eyes to see someone peering over me. I looked over at Elias to try alerting him not realizing I had become paralyzed. I couldn't move or speak. It was a scary feeling that made me feel unsafe.

My heart began beating faster and faster as my body moved away from Elias. It was moving on its own as it ignored what I wanted it to do. Slowly my eyes became droopy making it hard for me to identify the third person in the room.

I woke up again for the second time in an unfamiliar place. This time I was able to move and speak. I sat up from what seemed like a bed and that's when I noticed that my hands were tied and I was chained. "HELP!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Where the hell was I?

Suddenly, the door of the room opened. I looked instantly to see a familiar face.

"Oh look! The little princess is finally awake," they said sarcastically.


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