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Welcome backkkk.

You know who it isss.

Anywaysssss I'd been talking about this book for a while. Y'all said you were interested so boom here it is.

Let me explain a little bit more

So with the parents or parent it's basically just them parenting one member or the whole group with different plots.

With little space it'll be one member or the whole group being care givers to one or more members of the group who have a little space.

Littlespace- a mindset which an adult relaxes into a state of care free, responsibility free safety. Usually involves another adult as caregiver. They engage in child like activities. Ranges in age.

How you can request will be in the next chapter I'll give an example of how to set up your request and stuff like that.

Remember if you don't like it don't read it.

Every chapter will have warnings at the beginning so you can skip if you don't like it.

Don't leave stupid comments.

Hope you enjoy - B

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