"Argonaut, it should be able to beat the boss in one hit, I hope"

I ran towards Dark Goliath with no intention of stopping n between, I killed every monster in my way whether it was paying attention to me or not. Then when I got to Dark Goliath, he had just smashed the ground again, trying to hit Ryuu and Asfi. I stood in the disappearing dust and looked at Dark Goliath. I put Hestia knife and Ushiwakamaru away before holding up my right hand up. Dark Goliath charged up a attack as he saw me in my stance.

"Fire bolt!!" I shout and the familiar bolt of fire that was blue and white shot out of my hand and made contact with Dark Goliaths attack, my attack was so powerful that I completely nullified Dark Goliaths attack and kept going. After the light dissipated, everyone sees Dark Goliath standing without the top of its head, Dark Goliath smirked without the top of its head and shot a attack at me which sent me into the air. I saw as Dark Goliath's head healed like it was nothing and went to swat me out of the air like a fly.


Before Dark Goliath's hand hit me Ouka jumped in the air infront of it with his shield, taking most of the impact for me before we both were swatted out of the sky. That's when everything went black, when I open my eyes, I find myself in a cottage, the same cottage that me and my grand father lived in while on the farm. I see Grandpa sitting in his rocking chair and I was sitting on his lap. It looked like I was 7 or 8, I was just a spectator to this memory that I some how don't remember.

"Grandpa, do you think I'm old enough to know about father now?" My younger self asked Grandpa.

"I suppose your old enough" Grandpa chuckled "Your father was the greatest hero who ever lived, He, was the Demi-god Heracles. He killed 12 strong beasts that were apart of 12 difficult tasks called the 12 labors. Despite the warrior he was, he was the most caring and emotional person I knew. He met your mother soon after the 12 labors, he wanted to settle down peacefully with her after they got married, but one of my wives got jealous and made him go insane, killing your mother in the processes and almost killed you but I got to you before he did. I had to kill him before he killed anyone else"

"Woah, father had to be strong to of taken on 12 strong beasts" My past self said "Wait, If father was a Demi-god, What god are you then Grandpa?"

Grandpa chuckled a bit more "I'm one of the greatest gods ever, I am Zeus"

"If your one of the greatest gods ever why are we living on a farm?" My past self asked.

"Some day it won't be like that for you, when you get older, you'll become a adventurer and become a living hero of your own, just like your father. You'll have many women who'll love you for eternity and have many children" Grandpa says.

"Do you really think I can become a hero like father was?" My past self asked.

"Of course you can, no one can stop you from what you want but yourself. Since you're part god, you will be a great hero, maybe even surpass your father. But let me tell you this, if you ever find yourself in a bind while fighting a strong foe, imagine power coursing through your body from your heart, and think about what you want to do with that power, then you'll be unstoppable" Grandpa says.

The word unstoppable rang a bit before the memory faded away, when I blinked once more I find myself back into reality. Hestia and Lili were at my side.

"(Y/n) your alright!" Hestia says and hugs me.

"Of course I am" I state "But right now I have to go kill something"

I sit up and I feel multiple sharp pains in my back and sides. I groaned at the pain before standing up. Lili grabs something that was wrapped in a float hand handed it to me.

"Here use this" She tells me.

I grab the handle of the weapon in side the cloth and in wrapped the cloth to see another handle and a long jagged blade, just from the feel of it, I could tel that it was a magic sword.

"A magic sword!, where'd you get this!" I questioned.

"It doesn't matter, go kill that thing!" Lili shouts.

"Got it" I say then ran off with the magic sword in my hands.

After the sort run, I see Dark Goliath facing a different direction as Ryuu and Asfi was fighting it close up. I held onto magic sword by both handles.

"Grandpa, thanks for being there for me" I thought before imagining my heart pushing power through out my body "I need to protect everyone I care about now, and the only way to do that is to kill this fucker"

I then feel the familiar power from the fight with the large minotaur. The pain in my torso went away and I saw orange lightning bolts sparking all around me and on top of my skin. I hand never noticed it myself the other times I had this power. Dark Goliath senses my power and turned towards me. The orange lightning bolts then changed to blue and white as my argonaut skill kicked in. A sound of a large bell started to ring out periodically. I looked at Dark Goliath with a death glare and positioned myself to strike, now with the entire blade of the sword covered in blue and white sparks as well.

"I am (Y/n) (L/n), Son of Heracles and Grandson of Zeus!" I announced "In the name of Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth, I shall rid you from the earth!!"

I swing the large blade at Dark Goliath and a massive surge of energy hit Dark Goliath, causing a massive explosion of white light. The light disappeared and there was a hole with half of Dark Goliath missing and my power had gone away. Almost the entirety of its magic stone was visible but Dark Goliath was regenerating insanely fast. I grabbed Hestia knife and threw it as hard as I could at the magic stone. Hestia knife hit the magic stone just in time and broke it half. A explosion of crystal dust happens and I shield my face from it. Soon enough the dust was falling from the sky like snow. I jump into the whole next to the big magic stone and grabbed Hestia knife.

"You never let me down" I say to Hestia knife. I hear cheering from outside of the hole which made me smile.

"Master (Y/n), you did it!" I hear Lili shout as she hugged Hestia.

"This is just the beginning of the large road of beasts ahead"

Hello everyone this is the end of the chapter. I hope you guys enjoyed it. To me the first half felt a bit rushed but if you guys haven't noticed I like to mostly stick to the protagonist point of view. Anyway, until next time bye

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