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After we were done with the mall chase called ab Uber to my house and I got some cloths
"Do you want a tour?" I asked he nodded "sure"
"So this is the kitchen, family room, laundry room, guest bathroom" I went on about the bottom floor "and upstairs is my room and my dads" we went upstairs and we walked into my room "this is my room. Ik it's a bit ugly"
"It's actually really pretty" I blushed "thanks. I decorated it myself and painted" he looked surprised "wow it's really nice and it looks like it was professionally designed" we both sat on my bed
I got up and got a bag to put cloths in "I'm just going to get some.. um stuff" I opened my drawer and quickly shoved some underwear and bras into it because I was embarrassed. I heard chase laugh. He probably saw me shove it in my back. Immature baby  hahaha . I turned around "what's so funny?" He shook his head with a held back smile "oh nothing." I turned back around and put pants, shirts, and a few pairs of shoes in a bag. "Done" he got up and took the bag from my hands "I got it" I took it back "it's okay chase I go-" he interrupted "let me help kylie." He took it and grabbed my hand and we went down stairs. "Didn't you have a dog?" Chase asked "yea she's staying with my grandma since my dad isn't here rn" he nodded and we walked out the door" I went into the garage and saw my dads car. He has 3. "I'm gonna text my dad and ask if I can have his car."

I texted my dad and told him I wanna borrow his car for a while. He said it's okay as long as I'm responsible. I just got my license.
(Ik I'm 15 j pretend lol)
I jumped up and down because I was so happy "well someone is happy" chase said giggling
I grabbed the keys and opened the car door. "DUH I get my dads car now and we can drive it" I went in the drivers seat and chase went in the passenger. "I didn't know you could drive" chase said. (pets imagine I have my license at 15 lol)
"I do a lot of things you don't know chase." I said in a sassy way then I laughed "like what" he said leaning closer to Me. I leaned close to his ear "this" and then I honked the horn and I made him jump "AHH" he screamed and I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. "Okay okay lets goo" chase said. I began to drive and chase put his hand on my thigh. I began to fall in love with him I just couldn't he's so nice and HOT AS FUCK. I was driving and I wasn't sure how to get there so chase led the way. "Turn left then right" blah blah blahhhh we were on the way

we just got back and the whole back seat of the car was filled with bags from stores.
Me and chase had both of our arms lined with bags from the mall and we got into the house and put them on the couch. I sat down on the couch and organized who's is who's. My pile was really big I felt bad but chase told me not to feel bad. "Chase I don't remember getting this much stuff" he sat down next to me "when you were calling the Uber and I was in the "bathroom" I picked up some stuff" I rolled my eyes and leaned back on the couch "chasseeeeeeee whyyyy" he leaned back with me and turned his head toward me "Becauseeeeeeee" I turned my head to face him "You know you don't need to buy me things to make me wanna be your friend or..." I was gonna say girlfriend or something but Idek whoopsieee "or??" Chase sounded kinda excited I don't really know why lol "never mind" I got up and picked up my bags "where should I put these?" He got up and put them back down "I have an idea" he got up and went into the laundry room. I sat there confused and kinda nervous. He came back with a laundry basket "here we will go through our cloths and put them in the laundry basket." "Okay"

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