Chapter 2 - The Little Giant

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You leapt in the air suddenly as the door burst open behind you. Another young voice yelled out, "W-W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??"

You could only see Kageyama's reaction, he looked shocked, and maybe even a little angry.

Just who had burst into the gym now?

You spun on your heels to face the intruder, and were met with the shaking brown eyes of a short boy, though a few centimetres taller than you, with unruly orange hair. He was out of breath, his bag over one shoulder as he pointed towards the black-haired boy standing behind you on the court.

"Tobio Kageyama" The orange-haired boy, walked in through the doorway, his eyes fell to you next and he stopped dead still. "Woah you're very pretty!"

You shrieked at the volume of his voice and covered your blushing face again, are all these volleyball boys supposed to be this cute??

"You..." Kageyama's eyebrow seemed to twitch as he glared at his opponent on the other side of you, "I saw you last year... you're..." He had a dark expression over his eyes, "I don't know your name".

"My name is Hinata Shoyo! And don't your forget it! I bet you don't even remember the team you whopped in the first round!" The short boy replied in a desperate voice, you covered your ears.

"Don't yell when your that close!" You said and ran from being stood between the two of them, you rotated one foot and knocked your body 180 degrees to face back to them, "calm down!"

Kageyama looked over to you, then to Hinata, his voice was a little softer in consideration of your words, "your that stupid short kid that sucked!"

Hinata turned pale in distress, clutching his shirt where his heart was, "Hey! Don't think you can make fun of me anymore" his voice was softer as well, "you only beat us in one game, next time, I'm going to win!"

"Oh" you found yourself tapping your lip, thinking carefully about the situation that had begun to unfold in front of you, "so you guys versed in a previous tournament!"

"That we did!" Hinata smiled brightly at you, you found yourself smiling a little because of that, and when he opened his eyes and saw he blushed wildly. 

"Then, you obviously didn't know you were going to be coming to the same school" You looked over at Kageyama, who looked disgusted at Hinata's charming actions.

"Yeah. I applied to the best volleyball school in the prefecture, and was rejected".

"YOU WERE REJECTED!" Hinata shrieked, you clapped your hands over your ears and he hastily apologised for yelling. The boy stepped up to his taller opposite again, "even though your the King of the Court?"

"King of the Court?" Your eyebrows furrowed, "I recognise that name..."

Kageyama leaned forward ever so slightly, towering over the orange haired boy, "Don't call me that!"

"Man, who would think that Kitagawa Daiichi's Star Setter would come to us!" 

"I bet he's a smart-mouthed little brat though"

"Oh, come on. Stop trying to intimidate everyone"

"I'm not trying to intimidate nobody! I swear!"

Looking to your left, towards the door, you shrunk a bit in your stature as three large figures entered the volleyball gym. The first to enter was the same as the picture Kiyoko had showed you on her phone, the Captain of the Karasuno Volleyball team... Daichi Sawamura.

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