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"Mhmm." I moaned into Kentrell's mouth as he firmly wrapped his hand around my neck .

"Get on top." He mumbled against my lips as he began to unclip the back of my bra .

I helped him pull it completely off before doing as I was told . Taking off my panties I tossed them to the side and positioned myself into a riding position . Holding his dick , I slowly eased my way down onto it trying my best to adjust to how big he was . We both let out a soft moan as I did so .

Wrapping my arms around his head I began riding him . Kentrell held onto my hips as he managed to put one of my breasts into his mouth .

"Fuck , oh my gawd." I moaned , biting my bottom set of lips . The faster I rode , the wetter I could feel myself getting .

Within the next minute or two I could feel my climax coming and my legs began to slightly shake .

"I'm finna c-cum baby." I moaned before feeling Kentrell press his lips into mine and sloppily kissing me .

"Fuck." I yelled out as I came right on his dick . I rested on him for a few seconds before Kentrell pecked my neck .

"Flip over." He said

"This the sixth round Kentrell. I'm tired." I sighed

"Ian' ask you allat. Flip over." He repeated himself . I rolled my eyes before getting off him and flipping over like he said .

Kentrell pressed his hand down onto the middle of my back trying to make me arch my back .

"Be gentl- "

Before I could finish my sentence Kentrell slid his full length inside of me without a warning . My mouth formed into an O and I instantly shut up . The only sound that could be heard was my moans and our skin clapping against each other .

He held onto my hips as he pounded inside of me , deepening the stroke each time .

"Kentrelllll." I moaned out as my eyes began to water from the pain and pleasure .

"Mhm." He chuckled as he pounded faster and harder .

I began to make his rhythm as I began to throw my ass back on him .

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