Five Years Ago

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Five Years Ago

by medievalmaide715

Written for The Maw contest: "Calling All SHIPPERS"

Note for admins: This is an obscure ship in Star Wars Legends between Ronderu lij Kummar and a pre-cyborg Grievous (named Qymaen jai Sheelal in Legends). It's available on Wookieepedia under "Grievous/Legends" or "Ronderu lij Kummar" if you need proof that this isn't an OC ship.

"....The bond that [Sheelal and Kummar] shared

Was sacred and total.

They were twin demigods,

Blessed by their ancestors."

~ "Unknown Soldier: The Story of General Grievous"

The Kaleesh sun Iminec's rose-hued fingers kindled the horizon, bringing an end to the wet summer's night, contrasting the setting moon glinting like sea glass over the small jungle planet. The land, having been deprived of rain for almost six months, now drank showers of warm water, a small gift from the gray heavens, a small break from the war.

Vibrations whispered past clay huts, tents made from mumuu hides - reminiscent of the melody of a shoni-fish shell if one placed it near his ear. The commonly choking stench of blood was washed away by the motherly aroma of soil, a rebirth from chaos into order, if only for a single moment.

This rain soaked into the sand-colored scales of Ronderu lij Kummar as she kept vigil over the border of the Kharankhui settlement. Her gold eyes preyed on the shades of red and gold dashing the sky, as if she could by sheer willpower cause the day to come more quickly.

Nights bothered her. Whether from the shameful jobs she'd taken as a child or from the way the word night was synonymous with Huk - or Yam'rii, as they were formally called - she didn't know. She was constantly pacing her post, practicing positions with her twin swords, always doing something to relieve her incessant energy till dawn arrived and she could play in the rain.

And train Sheelal too, the less logical part of her whispered. Sheelal, the khan of her tribe. A skilled sniper, the youngest soldier ever to be inducted into the Kaleesh kolkpravis.

Someone her age, but who had suffered more war than she ever would, in a way. Someone who had been fighting alongside his appa and his appa's comrades from the age of eight, racking up Yam'rii kills so much that the people considered him to be a supernatural deity of some sort. And due to her connections with him, she'd been lumped in the same camp.

Kummar had heard of him before meeting him - she'd heard of practically every public figure on Kalee, for she had amassed many stories in her travels as a young girl. But she'd assumed that it was all nonsense; how could an enraged eight-year-old fight at his father's side in a full-blown war? Yet when she'd finally set eyes on his lean form, seen how acutely intelligent he was and his skill, she had come to believe it as truth.

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