Chapter 1

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Life can be very hard sometimes and you wonder why, but a little compassion is sometimes all anyone needs to get by.

I think I should be used to it now.

The pain,the beatings,the cutting, being stripped naked and being lashed out and thrashed as if I was a punching bag... this is where she could let out all her anger. My body was nothing but a punchbag,she thought I could take it all, it's true I could... but for how long?

I was nothing to her apart from her servant; worthless maid . I could tell in her eyes that she loathed me with passion. My eyes are even tired from crying each and every day. I just wished she could stop,the pain was getting unbearable, the belt was landing on my nude skin with no mercy but all I could do was moan silently and try to stifl my sobs. I was weak to fight her, just because I call her mother .

Believe me, she treats me like this because I'm not one of her own flesh. I'm just a poor bastard to her,my step-mom.

But why does she hate me this much?What did I ever do that was that bad to deserve all this torture? The last time I checked I could not even hurt a fly,but why is she this cold blooded? Why does she have to have a cold black heart!

My name is Lia,yes it's just simple like that . I have no complications in my name but can't say that about the reality of my life.

I wish my life could just be as simple as my name. No pain,no heart feelings . I crave for love. I crave for a bit of compassion. Just for once maybe .

My parents died along time ago,my mum when I was born and my dad when I was fifteen after remarrying to the incarnation of a female devil,Linda. Since she came into my life , I have been living through hell, ironically I can't complain,only one person knows about my life in my home,the only person I can share my secrets to and my pain, a bond I should be having by my so.called step mum,but instead I had Marriana . She was more like a sister since my highschool years, luckily for her she got to join college but for me that was the end of the road for it,my end game when it came to the so called*education*and I could not complain.

I am twenty years old and I have never celebrated a birthday, scratch that, I have but the last was my fifteenth birthday when I was with my dad,I can not help myself cry whenever I could think of my parents, I wish I could just have been taken with them,Lord why do you hate me this much,which grave sin did I do to deserve all this-

"You Rascal, you think you can stay in my house and just do nothing, get up(beating) you will regret being brought up in this world you slut!(beating) I am your worst nightmare baby and once I'm done with you(beating followed by an croaked hoarse laugh), you are never going to stay idle again (beating)"

"Tell me, what did I ever do to make you treat me You can see that I'm broken inside but you still shatter me into pieces . What did I ever do to you mum?"I shout at her slightly taken aback by my strong but unwise behavior knowing too well where it will end me up in.

*Belt smack*

"How dare you raise that filthy mouth of yours to shout at me and call me mother! How many times should I tell you to never call me that huh! You want your mother? She is six feet under sweetheart and if you don't do what I tell you ,believe me I will take you to her ! But before that I will torture you so bad that even hell will be ashamed."she says as she pushes my head to the ground and gives me a huge kick in my stomach leaving me there on the floor as she headed out to who cares where.

I slowly picked the remaining bruised pieces of myself up from the ground and managed to crawl to the bathroom. I cleaned myself up and tied my hair up in a messy bun. I had to hurry up to my work place although my body was sore, I had to do this to avoid anything worse.

I had a lot of jobs, mainly at the coffee shop but I also did laundry for people. Worked at the ice cream shop at noon and also cleaned men's shoes as they headed to work and just other small stuff that could get me and Linda going. She depended on me and always could take almost whole of my salary to waste it on drinking.

I quickly rushed out of the house, which was in the slum areas and headed to the coffee shop in which I had to walk for several hours to get there.

"Morning Beth!"I shout to my co-worker who was busy preparing coffee.
"Morning Lia,we have lots of customers,so get your butt there and take their orders"she says while still concentrating in her work.

I take a note book and pen from the counter and head towards the customers, the coffee shop was known to have the best coffee and it was mostly populated by rich people who could afford it. People who had class, people who did not care wasting thousands for just a cup of coffee and donuts like seriously ,no way in hell and back would I ever waste my precious money on that.

I quickly rushed to the customers and took their orders ,deciding I should multitask to quicken the work .I take a large tray and fill it with cups of different coffee types ordered.

I speed walk only to get knocked by a hard chest sending the tray together with the coffee falling away from my hand and landing to the person I had knocked..oh oh, the coffee was hot! And not forgetting I am one screwed girl today,I'm better dead.. bye bye cruel world.

Looking at the piece of material I had just poured hot coffee on,how can my life get any better*note the sarcasm*
It had to be a bloody Armani suit .Who in his right mind in the world would wear that at a coffee shop.Please can someone out there who can hear me care to explain!

Seriously Lia, is that your excuse?

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