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In Raizada Mansion,

"Leave my hand Shyam Ji, U r crossing ur limits now." Said she angrily, trying to wriggle out of his hold but his hold on her wrist was too tight.

Her heart was beating rapidly seeing a glint of madness in his eyes. Madness of Claiming her ad his possession.

She felt dirty with his touch and lusty gaze which he was giving her.

"If I want I can have my way with u anytime Khushi ji, but the problem is that i can't see u hurt." He said trying to wipe off the tears that managed to roll down her cheeks.

"Don't touch me!!!" She snapped back angrily.

Infuriated by her words he tightened his grip on her which made her hiss in pain.

"I can't touch u but Arnav can, right?" He asked angrily and she looked at him baffled.

"What is there to be shocked when everything is clear as water? Blushing at his glances, smiling shyly at him and getting nervous when near him. U think I am a fool?" He asked shaking her whole form.

"Fool? No one is a biggest fool on this Earth than u to leave such a good woman and lust on others." She retorted back fiercely.

"And about Blushing at his sneaky glances, smiling shyly at him and getting nervous with his closeness then listen...."

Pushing him back with an unknown force she shouted at the top of her voice "YES!!! I DO LOVE HIM!!"

Anger bubbled up in him as He caught hold of her neck in a tight grip which made her choke.

"U... How dare u say this? U r just mine! Only and only mine... And whoever will intervene between us will be dead!"

"Zinda hai woh, Aur bilkul sahi salamat bhi!! (She is very much alright and is safe!!)" She said gasping for breathe.

He loosened his hold on her with confusion.

"What r u saying?"

"Anjali ji zinda hai! (Anjali is alive!)" She said with a victorious smile.

Shyam looked at her wide eyes and took a step back in shock.

On the other side Arnav was about to open the door of the terrace when Akaash came towards him.

"Bhai!!!" He called him out when he was about to turn the knob.

"Akaash?" He whispered and face him.

"Whats wrong why r u looking so tensed??" He asked.

"Bhai, woh di behosh hogayi!!! (Bhai, actually Di fainted!!)" Said he.

"What!!!!" He looked horrified.

Akash nodded and both rushed towards her room.

"Di!!!" He rasped seeing her sitting on the bed with Nani and others surrounding her.

"Why didn't u call the doctor yet damn it??" He asked angrily.

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