Sports Festival pt.3

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Your Pov

I had woken up earlier to see my dad talking to Recovery Girl but he quickly told me to go back to sleep and he seemed a little down I don't know what's going on but I hope he is okay... I soon fell asleep to prepare for my last battle.

I woke up looking around seeing nothing just plain darkness. I stood up in confusion.

'Dad?...... Recovery Girl? anyone know where am I?!?!' no one answered. I saw a small white light in the distance. I started running to it. As I got closer the darkness becomes bright now I'm in a white room instead of a black one. I see a huge tiger white fur and pink eyes. Another tiger behind me with white fur as well but has red eyes with black and red stripes.

The tiger behind me roared. I jumped as chains started to sprout from the floor underneath the plain white tiger. The chains brought the tiger down it was struggling to try to break free. I didn't know what to do I tried moving forward but the tiger stopped me it stared in my eyes and its eyes were saying ' don't move and let it be' I stopped and looked at it again it was crying wanting to be free I started to run to it but the other tiger jumped in and bit me. I don't know what happened but the white started to fade it was a black room again. I started to feel asleep and soon woke up in a hospital bed.

Recovery Girl saw me wake up. 'hello darling, your father is waiting in the bleachers your match is starting in half an hour you can start getting changed for your final match.' I nodded and picked up the clothes and went to go change. I went to the waiting room. Some people came to see if I was alright and congratulate me. I simply nodded and not really wanting to talk to anyone.

A man came in and said to come to the area so we can start the last match. I got up and went to the area.

I walked in as the alarms went off.


I stood still not saying a word. Todoroki stood the opposite side looking at me in confusion. I was staring at the floor not speaking a word. midnight made the call to start and Todoroki unleashed his ice. I didn't move. He encased me in ice and midnight stared as she called that if I can't move nor get out in 5 seconds he will be called the winner.





Suddenly the ice started to have a red aura around it. the ice cracked and exploded. everyone felt a wave of cold piercing ice. I lifted my head. my eyes were glowing red. I turned into a white tiger with black and red stripes and started to attack Todoroki. he tried to use his ice to make a distance. that didn't work I always broke the ice. he was forced to use his left side and attacked me with fire. I changed the gravity around me I leaped in the air. it was tense and everyone can feel it. I had the intent to kill. Todoroki was struggling to use his fire and ice at the same time to attack me. I wasn't speaking either was he. I gently lowered myself to the floor. He was panting I just stared down at him. He is going to give up soon. I just have to force him into submission.

' come on are you seriously gonna be this slow you could have beaten him ages ago....' a white tiger with red eyes spoke. It was standing next to me looking at the tired Todoroki on the floor. I was still staring at Todoroki I lifted my hand ready to use even more pressure but something stopped me

'please stop... I don't want to hurt people save me... I want to be a hero to save not to hurt someone save me...' a little voice called, the time has stopped I stood in shock. I remember that voice, I turned around it was a little girl huddled in a corner bruised and bleeding. A baby spiritual white tiger walked up to the little girl and licked her face. she heard the voice of the pure white tiger. 'you can be a hero! let's be together I'll help you. we can be strong together I will protect you!' the baby tiger spoke. the little girl stared in awe and disbelief... 'O-Okay! promise me you will always be there to protect me... you will be my guardian protector... your name..... Tamotsu that means protector so you are my Tamotsu! but that's too long so can I call you Tama?' the young ball of innocence asked

' sure, I will always protect you just don't leave me okay?' the tiger asked

' okay! Tama!!!!' the girl smiled the first smile in her life and the beginning. I stared at the lost memory and started to cry. Time started again.

I released my gravity and waited. Todoroki was panting like crazy he was actually coughing. I looked down in shame.

' Midnight?' she hummed in question 'I forfeit.' she nodded her head in understanding. She raised her lasso and about to call the winner but Todoroki stopped her.

I kept on looking down ashamed of my thinking about to kill a classmate.

'Stop! I refuse to accept this... (y/n) are you sure about this?' he looked at me in confusion. This his first words to me. As an actual sentence to ask if he wants to give up his win. I looked at him with teary pink eyes filled with upset tears.

'I'm ashamed of my thoughts you take the win I don't care if I won I would have lost myself and never turned back! I would be someone I Never wanted to be... I'm gonna go please Midnight make the call. And by the way, call me Sakura' I told her she continued and called Todoroki the winner. I walked off the stage crying. Leaning on the wall falling to the floor ashamed of my actions.

My father met me with later. I felt a lot better then I met one of his friends in the past Touka. She was a nice woman. I loved her coffee it was really refreshing after what had happened. Touka had a talk with me. Like a girl to girl talk, it was nice to release everything. My mother isn't always there, she is busy with work because she is quirkless so they give her more work so she can earn her pay... so having another female to relate and talk to was refreshing.

Another Pov




'yes, speak...'

' she has started' I spoke

*smirk* 'perfect, you may start' he answered.

'yes, sir! I won't let you down'

'you have let me down before... this is your last time... don't fail me... boy' he said

he hung up. I sighed 'this really is my last chance I have to make her join or else I'm going to be kicked out then I'll probably be killed so I don't spread information. I guess I'll have to find her and talk to her.'

'OOF!' I bumped into someone.

'ouch...... that hurt.... oh hi Todoroki... can we talk I want too tell you something...' Sakura said. This might be an advantage to me... might work out I have to ask her to join us...

We walk to a coffee shop and ask for a private table in the back a woman gives us drinks and tells us its on the house then leaves. Sakura smiles then turns to me in a serious expression.

'Todoroki... I need to tell you something very important and I can't have others knowing. Also your the only one I feel I can trust...'

sorry this is a little short...

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