You woke up from your sleep and looked to your side to see Louis still sleeping. He looked so calm, that needed to change! You quietly got up and put your hair up in a messy bun and got some shoes on. 

You went out in the living room and called Zayn. He answered.

“Hey Zayn, its Rose!” you said.

“You woke me up, this better be good!”

“I was thinking, can you help me prank Louis?” He instantly got up.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? What do I do?”

“Ill explain when you come. Just get me carrots, lots and lots of carrots.”

In about 10 minutes, Zayn came with five boxes of carrots. You explained your plan to him and he nodded happily. You went to you room and changed your curtains to some bright orange ones. You changed the blanket Louis had with an orange one. 

Zayn took out all his clothes and stuffed in some orange ones. Then both of you spread all the carrots on the floor, on the table and on the bed. The room was completely done. You and Zayn set up a camera in the room and he left with a ‘good luck!’

You then locked the bathroom door and then finally the bedroom door. You called Louis so he would wake up then switched on your laptop which the camera was connected to so you could see. Louis got up, cleared his eyes then looked around.

Then, you heard a really really loud scream from the room. Louis looked around everywhere but all he saw was orange, he tried opening the door but it was locked and he tried the toilet but it was also locked. He opened his closet and saw more orange.

He sat on the bed screaming “Rose! Rose! You win, now open the door! Rose!” you laughed and then finally unlocked the door.

“Come on, you love carrots!” you said innocently

“I’m sick of them!” he said “You will pay for this!” he said and started chasing your around the house. You both ran around and then you tripped and fell on the carpet pulling Louis down with you.

“Im gonna kill you!” Louis said seriously

“No youre not!” you said with a smile.

“You are so lucky I like you so much!” he said.

“Yes, I am!” you said and pulled him in for a kiss. You then got up toward the kitchen but Louis pulled you back down.

“What? I want breakfast!” you said. “Come on you locked me in an orange room! At least do something to repay!” he said and made his puppy dog eyes.

“Ugh, fine but you are gonna have to buy me chocolate!”  you said.

“Deal!” Louis said happily and then both of you continued kissing.