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Trying to study for your AP U.S History tests tends to prove hard when your two friends don't shut up about the two new guys in school. I tap the end of my pencil against the lunch table, becoming more and more irritated by my friends. I look up and glare at them but they seem to be in their own bubble.

"Dana, Jill, can you two morons shut up for the last ten minutes I have to study for this test? You know Mr. Olsen's tests are bitches." I sigh, tucking my hair behind my ear. My voice was rough and I could barely get the words out, considering I convinced I had the flu.

"Shut up, asshole. You need to go home, Clementine. You sound like Kyle when he's trying to 'impress the ladies'." Dana tells me oh so lovingly. I sip my coffee I brought from home.

"I only came for the test, I'm leaving right after. I think God is trying to kill me. I think I'm okay with that." Jill rolls her eyes at my exaggerations. They go back to talking boys while I study some more. I'm only granted a few minutes before the bell rings, signaling lunch is over. I grab my drink, trash, and book bag. I throw my trash away and tell my friends bye. They tell me to text the group chat when I get home safely.

When I enter the classroom, I say hi to Mr. Olsen. His class is by far the hardest class I've ever been in but he's my favorite teacher. His tests are exactly like his study guides and he gets straight to the point but lets the class fool around. I see one of the new boys sitting in the back row. Once the late bell rings, Mr. Olsen starts handing out the test and explaining the directions. I tie my hair up into a ponytail. 

"You may begin." He tells us and as soon as he finishes, I'm writing quickly. I know every answer like usual. It's easy to study if the study guide is in the same exact form as the test. I finish forty-five minutes into the class. Mr. Olsen gives me a slip to the office.

I stand in line behind some guy with curly hair. My foot taps the tile impatiently. I'm currently dying here and this guy is upset he got placed in normal bio instead of AP bio? Five minutes later they figure something out and he turns around to leave. He bumps shoulders with me and I scoff at him, furrowing my eyebrows.

"Excuse-fucking-you." I mutter to myself, walking up to the secretary. She gives me my slip to leave and I show it to security on the way out. I get inside my car, locking the doors. My poor rav 4 is falling apart but I love her too much to get a new car. Plus it's a hand me down. 

I leave school and head home. It only takes about ten minutes to get home. I text my friends once I'm in my drive way. I also text my mom but that's after I get inside and lock the door. I'm greeted by silence once I take off my shoes and put my book bag on the floor. I make myself some more coffee. I'm a straight up addict but a Gilmore girl once spoke the words, "I stop drinking coffee I stop doing the standing and the walking and the words putting into sentence doing.". I put on some music to drown out the silence. Lana Del Rey fills my house as I make my way from the kitchen to upstairs into my room with my cup of coffee. I don't have any work to catch up on so I change into my sweatpants and sweatshirt. I turn on Gilmore Girls on my laptop and set it on my lap as I drink my coffee.

I keep almost falling asleep after I finish my coffee, my eyes slowly closing but jolting open when I realize I'm almost asleep. I blink a couple times to wake myself up. I realize Netflix is asking me if I'm still watching. I press continue and shift in my position a little bit.

- - -

I wake up, not even remember falling asleep. I rub my eyes and yawn. The sun is setting when I look out of my window. I see my laptop closed and set beside me instead of on me. My mom must be home. I check my phone and see texts from the group chat and Instagram notifications. I read the texts first. They start off with Dana and Jill telling me they hope I feel better along with with groans about school and end with them telling me to check my Instagram. I sigh, closing the message app and opening Instagram. I see some likes on my recent posts and two new followers. I'm assuming the new ones. I click on the firsts profile and his name is Aaron Zimmerman. He's kind of cute in a dorky way with his glasses and hair cut. I click on the second guy's profile and his name is Harry Styles. He's the one who bumped into me. It doesn't look like he posts much. I text my friends saying it's not a big deal and then lock my phone. I decide to go downstairs and talk to my mom.

"Hey, mom. You could've woken me up when you got home. I wanted to know how your day was." My mom was a scientist and an amazing one at that. The only part that sucked is that she would work horrible hours, like seven am to eleven pm hours.

"It was good sweetie, nothing new. I wanted to let you sleep, you're sick. How are you?" I see she's making spaghetti for dinner which excites me. I love pasta.

"Slept most of it away. Took my history test though, I think I aced it. By the way, I work tomorrow. I think I'm gonna see if I can handle tomorrow's shift without throwing up again." I tell her and she nods in response. After that we sit in silence, I respond to the group chat's messages and she hums while she cooks. Dana and Jill tell me to follow them back which I do after they endlessly harass me about it.

After dinner and a shower I end up back in bed. I set my alarm for six am to have time to get ready for school tomorrow. I clear my throat a little when my phone dings. I see what it is, squinting my eyes from the phone's brightness.

One New Direct Message from Instagram

I sigh, not wanting to see who it is. I set my phone down again and close my eyes, hoping sleep will follow soon.

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