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Woojin p.o.v


"Uhm, we were being together since uhm,, 2 weeks ago. I love him?," i glanced at shocked Chan to act as well.

"Yes Madam, Chanie and Mr Kim is already in a l-love r-relationship?" Chan somehow act like what i told him to.

"Ooooo,, how could you didnt tell me Woojinie, i thought you will having time with some cheap girl by now, but- what a surprised im gonna have another grandson YEAYY!!" my nanny became happy.

"I just not ready nanny thats all, but now you know right, me and Chan still not really used to be lovey dovey as well, thats why i didnt let you know at a first placed first," i explained which she trust it.

"Where is your brother by the way? Is he still at school?" My nanny ask.

"YOU HAVE A BROTHER?" Chan sudden scream make me flinched.

"Does Woojin didnt tell you about his family members? Its okay sweetie i will tell you and let you know one by one?" My nanny smile at him, my heart flatered a bit. I dont know why.

"So Woojin where is your little broher? Im asking here," my nanny ask again.

"Ah yeah he is still at school,,, why?" I ask my nanny.

"I miss Seungmin really much,, he always busy him self with his school work," nanny formed a sad smile.

"Its okay, since you are here, we can have dinner together later at night after my meeting is done," i said to her which make her happy.

"Okay nanny will wait you both at your parents house, dont late," my nanny demand.

"Both? What do you mean by both?" I ask her.

"Bring your boyfriend there later, i want to know him well since he will marry you one day," my nanny is really think that Chan is my boyfriend, now what am i gonna do~.

After Nanny Jiyu left.

"Mr Kim, why do Chanie need to pretend to like Mr Kim? Chanie didnt like Mr Kim, because you are arrogant and really rude." He said to me, im hurt by his genuine yet innocent words.

"I will pay your salary even higher than anyone else if you help me,, please Chanie help me, i need you-" without realising i caresing his soft cheeks.

Chan p.o.v

Mr Kim just caresing my right cheeks, i can feel my cheeks became heated by his touch but in a good ways, his sudden move make my heart flatered, make me blushed, make my mind dozed off. Its just feel like the best feeling ever. Then he push me away.

"Uhm, im sorry i didnt mean t-" he tried to apologized.

"Its okay Chanie like it?" I show him a gummy smiled that i have. I can saw his smile growth bigger. His personality really different from yesterday. Im confused.

"Chanie will help Mr Kim, but with one condition,," i tell him.

"What is that condition?" He ask.

"Mr Kim must treat people well infront of Chanie, do not be harsh with them and also always do respect people," its just a simple demand actually.

"Its easy, by the way,? You really like me caresing your cheeks right?," he teas.

"Whats wrong with liking Mr Kim caresing Chanie cheeks?" I pout.

"Maybe perhaps you like me or even love me?" Mr Kim really annoyed me with his wiggling eyebrow and his naughty smile.

"No- maybe- Chanie is not, maybe Chanie am,,?" I confused.

"One day ill make you inlove with me," Mr Kim said to me. Im shock why so sudden?!

"Chanie'll wait, good luck Mr Kim." I smile.

At Seungmin high school

Seungmin p.o.v

After my last period ending, i wait for Hyunjin outside his class. Like usual, he will stay with me and waiting for my brother to come pick we up. My whole family already know that Hyunjin and i was in love with each other. Somehow i really grateful to have a open minded family. I can feel that Hyunjin stared at me.

"Hey sweetie? What is wrong? What are you thinking about? May i know?" Hyunjin as always being a caring and loving boyfriend towerds me.

"Nothing babe, i just want to say thanks, for always stay with me, its been 2 years since we were together, you always stay with me and always go back with me even after we break up, you always stay with me, we together been through a hard time, a-and i- i want to stay with you, just only you,, don leave me behind. I love you" i dont know why so sudden i broke into tears.

"Sweetie, i love you to, oh my god thats why i always love you, your love is genuine and pure, your laugh, smile, glasses, all about i love, i know ive dump you before and cheat with a girl, but i alwas choose you, and always remember you are mh first priority, dont forget that, now stop crying like a little girl, stop making me want to kiss you. Lets go eat some ice cream before your brother arrived okay,," he wipe my tears and i nod.

After 20 minutes wait for my brother now he already infront of my school gate with his expensive car. Hyunjin and i go inside the car and i saw this barbie like guy with his fancy red suit sit at my brother passanger.

"Woojin hyung who is this?" Before Woojin hyung could explain the barbie like guy answer me first

"HYE CUTIE!! Im your brother boyfriend, OH MY GOD YOUR BROTHER IS TRUE, YOU ARE SO CUTE LIKE A PUPPY." He pinched my cheeks. I can tell that he is really nice. Also his scene smell so girly. I like it.

"Ahh, my brother said that?" I smile at Woojin hyung. He just rolled his eyes and keep his eyes on the road.

"Btw im Seungmin as you know im Woojin hyung brother. And here is my boyfriend his name is Hyunjin," i hug my boyfriend. He hug me back.

"Owh already have a boyfriend? In your early age? World really have change," Chanie hyung said.

"Uhm Seungmin, Nanny Jiyu want us to have a dinner with her tonight, she really miss you," Woojin hyung said.

"NANNY JIYU?? YEAYY I MISS HER TO, I WILL ASK HER TO SPOIL ME WITH A LOT OF FLOWER,, YEAYY!!!" im excited. Hyunjin and Chanie hyung look at me in awe.

"Hyunjin we are here, goodbye" we already infront of The Hwang Mansion.

"Thanks Woojin hyung, Sweetie you didnt want to see mom first? She said to me she miss your face." Hyunjin said and ask.

"REALLY? I MISS MOM TO!! LETS GO" I run to inside the mansion. I saw her mom was watering the plant at the backyard. I want to surprised her.

"MOM!!!!" I jump and she shock.

"Aigoo Seungminie i miss you,," she hug me while kissing my cheeks.

"Mom you forget about me already? Im your son,," Hyunjin sulk jokingly at me and his mom.

"Hynjin ofcourse,, yes ahahaha" her mom teas.

"Ugh whatever," he said.

"But mom sadly i have to go, my Nanny Jiyu want to have dinner at my placed, tomorrow ill hangout with you and help you okay,, bye love you, say hai to dad, Hyunjin take after Mom okay," i said rushingly.

"OKAY, BYE FUTURE SON IN LAW, DONT FORGET  YOUR PROMISE." Her mom gave a flying kiss and i flying kiss back. Hyunjin love how his parents and i bonding well together.

Till the next chapter~♡

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