3. how did you change your username?

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don't eat tide pods

[doyum, seunghwan, sungwon, yechan, taekhyeon, yongha, jinsung, junseo & taewoo has logged on]

jinsung: hey booboobears

seunghwan: what the fuck

yongha: LANGUAGE

junseo: be quiet ! i'm trying to get my beauty rest !

yongha: junseo, it's 3:47 pm

junseo: shut up !

yongha: i'm coming to your room

junseo: NO, GO AWAY ! LET ME REST !

yechan: you guys are really dumb-

taekhyeon: and you're acting as if you aren't

yechan: because i'm not???

sungwon: you all are tbh 🤪

yongha: including you

sungwon: whAt ? nOT mE !

yongha: yes, you


 jinsung: go away, taewoo

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jinsung: go away, taewoo

taewoo: no

[taewoo has changed his username to teawoo ☕️ ]

sungwon: how did you do that?

teawoo ☕️: magic

sungwon: can you change the others' usernames too?

teawoo ☕️: yes, my son

sungwon: i'm not your son but can you change mine too? :)

teawoo ☕️: that smile looks creepy but okay

[teawoo has changed sungwon's username to sunshine ☀️]

sunshine ☀️: cool !!

teawoo ☕️: hehe 🤪


teawoo ☕️: call me master, first

yongha: no thanks-

teawoo ☕️: no new username for you, then

yongha: pft

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