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276,986 likes || 9,385 comments

claireshepherd- stringbean came to visit 😊
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username- he looks absolutely fed up 😂😂

imsebastianstan- where are my video creds??
claireshepherd- up your butt
imsebastianstan- you're lucky
you're adorable

username- why is that always her reply^^? 😂
claireshepherd- bc im a booty kind of girl

username- i love her so much

username- we just gonna ignore seb calling her adoarable?? 👀
asherreid- cause she is. duh
chrishemsworth- an adorable bean

asherried- you're so obnoxious but you're my best friend so im kinda stuck with you 🤷‍♀️
claireshepherd- oh shut it. you love me

robertdowneyjr- as much as i miss you silliness, i dont miss the bad dancing.
claireshepherd- 😲

username- glad the cast thinks she's just as annoying as i do
username- stfu no they dont.
username- sounds like you're boring and
know nothing about the marvel family

tomhiddleston- i miss the both of you!
↳ username- the fact that both tom and claire are
so mature and respectful to each other
claireshepherd- because we are both adults
claireshepherd- miss you too tom!
asherreid- you still owe me a starbucks coffee!!

username- she's so cute ❤️
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chrisevans- uh when are you going to introduce the rest of us
anthonymackie- i would like to meet anyone
who can keep her on control
imsebastianstan- you obviously haven't
watched the video then. he does nothing
asherreid- he isn't wrong

username- the day that claire stops being claire is the day i die

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