Demi lovato (sister imagine)

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Hi I'm Y/n Lovato, I am the third oldest I have three other sisters Dallas, Demi and Madison. No one really knows about me I didn't want to be in the public eye I wanted a normal life, yenno going to school getting a job that kinda thing. At school my last name is different just for privacy reasons an also the fact my sister is the Demi Lovato sooooo I ain't dealing with fake ass bitches.
Anywhoo my sister Demi is coming back today she's been in L.A. for a bit working on her music and stuff so I'm excited to see her, me an Demi have a close bond when we was younger we used to fight all the time over stupid stuff but now as we got older we became closer, literally we share everything well not everything but some stuff like boys, girls, but you get the point.
Time skip
*Knock knock*
I ran down the stairs but me getting the Lovato genes my clumsy ass fell fml.

"Hey Y/n why are you on the floor?" Demi said trying not to laugh
"Well I thought the floor needed a hug". I said
"Right, need a hand?" She said
" it's good to see you babygirl, I missed you so much." Demi said bringing me into a hug.
" me too, how's the song writing going."
"Pretty good so far got some stuff down"
"That's good, I'm gonna head upstairs and do homework, oh an mom has gone the store you might want to text her an ask her to get you some food."
"Okay, where's mads?"
"Friends house working on a group project she might be staying the night not sure."
"Okay thanks, if you need help with homework give me a shout."
"I'm gonna pass on that option your dreadful at homework."
"Am not."
"Are too, you didn't even know what 12x12 was."
"It was a hard question."
"Demi,a 9 year old would know the answer."
"Whatever, now go do your homework before I beat your ass."
"Like you would Lovato."
"I will, now go on I'll make some snacks for us."
" okay whatever you do don't burn the house down."
"Oh shut up."
Sorry it took so long for this to come out been busy.
Please tell me what you think and send in some request on what you would like to see.
Hope you enjoy this story
Much love
Alex 🥀

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