Chapter 21

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~ Have you ever had a pet?


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And suddenly, we all were boarding the train back to home.

The exams were pretty hectic, of course, just like every time. And with stress comes other things too, like impulsive hook-ups and break-ups, passing out in the middle of class and nervous breakdowns on the way to examination hall. But I, thankfully, did not become a victim of any of these, though my peers did.

"The end of term comes so fast, it sneaks up on me every time. It's so sad to leave this place," I commented to Jinyoung as the group of us load our luggage on KTX.

He laughed. "You know, you still surprise me sometimes with the crazy things you say."

I grinned. "Well, I guess that's good. You won't get bored of me."

He kissed on the top of my head. "Oh, I dare say, no."

He bent to pick up his suitcase, but soon dropped it abruptly.


"Shit, I think I left my wallet in my friend's bag. Listen, I've got to run back." He started to trot towards the opposite direction. "I'll be right back!"

"Hurry!" I called after him. "I'm not going to be able to hold the train for you."

He whirled around but kept running backwards. "Ah, I knew there was a reason I was dating."

I grinned and turned towards my rather large and heavy suitcases, and immediately wished that he had at least helped load it before leaving. Reaching down, I dragged it so that it was propped against the train's door. I started shoving it inside. A moment later, another pair of hands joined mine, and the trunk smoothly slid onto the train.

"Thanks," I said, straightening. Whatever else I might have said died inside my throat as I caught the miserably unreadable look on Junmyun's worried features beside me. 

"What's the matter?" My hands shot up on his arm.

He opened his mouth and closed it and kept doing it for some time, like a goldfish. His hesitance was bugging me so pulled him in a compartment, urging him to tell me. "Come on."

He sighed deeply. "My father's lawsuit ended."


"We lost."

His voice was wavering so badly that I was sure he was going to break down at the very moment. I brought my hand to his back and patted it. "You didn't, he did."

He looked up. "That's the same thing."

I smiled slightly. "No, it's not. You're both two very different people, if that's any comfort. So, It's different."

A tiny smile crept on his lips as he started to get the meaning. I asked, "How long is it?"

"Eight years."

I grimaced. My brows shot up. "That's quite a long time."

He nodded slowly. "But, it's only fair, I guess." After a moment of silence he said. "Everything is going to change so much. We aren't allowed to use his illegal money of course, not that we want to, and our house would have to be handed over and the..."

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