Chapter 33: Alpha Vs Rogue

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Ranz's POV:

I was shocked to see Brier and I was also shocked when she saw me in this position.. wanna know why?

First of all Jamie here, was wearing nothing but a black lingere and I was shirtless.. but Jamie and I weren't in Brier's Bed.. and Please!!

I don't like Jamie I love Brier so much!!

I knew she was shocked and hurt The moment I saw Brier I quickly push Jamie away... not caring if she's a girl.

"Brier......" I said nervously

Brier didn't say a word but just ran off so I ran after her.

Minutes of running I finally caught up with her and didn't actually realize that we are near the boarder. As I turn her around I didn't expect that she was gonna slap me!.

Ouch! That kinda hurt.

" Why Ranz! In my own room for real!" she sob.

" Brier its not what you think!" trying to hold her hand

" Oh Stop It! Then what was that.. Playing hide and seek naked?! I get it! You don't want me as your luna and as your mate so please stop making my life complicated!"

and with that she slap me and said

" Go To Hell! Stay Away from and if you can't do that then I'll be the one who would stay away from you." and cross the border and finally disappear.

Standing at the end of our borderline.. Should I go after her or Should I confront my dad about this.. I decided to take the other about confronting my dad.. As I took my turn I look again for the last where Brier went..

What If she comes back and No one was here to greet her? or maybe she wouldn't come back at all.






" I' m so sorry!! I'm such an idiot.. I don't deserve to be an Alpha!! Alpha of the stupidest and worthless pack, maybe!!" I said to my wolf .

My wolf was so silent and I know that he is hurt as well..

As I got to my pack house I went straight to my room. I was so angry at myself! My mate left because of me my thoughts were interrupt as I open my door because in my bed I saw Jamie, who is now wearing a robe to cover her up.

" What are you doing here?" I growled. Didn't she not know that I'm in a bad mood and I have know time for her stupid seductive games.

" I came to see you of course! I know you wanted some company and I know how to make you feel better!" she said seductively.

" Get out of my room now!" I yelled and sit at the end of my bed

That moment Brier was on my mind! I can't live without her, She is my life, my luna, my mate, my everything.

Yeah I know that I rejected her but if I don't do that my father's gonna ban her from our pack and he would call all the neighboring pack to not let her in their land but kill her if she step on their teritory.

Wanna know why he hates Brier so much well let's just say that my mother and Brier's father were bestfriend. They were really close as in they have this special bond whenever they are together and they even got closer when Brier's Mother, Chelsea died giving birth to Brier. My father got jealous of their closeness thinking that my mother is cheating on my dad but I believe my mother that she never cheated on dad.

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