Chapter 6

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"S-stop..." I whispered. I was ignore completely and continued to be dragged down the long hall. I whimpered, looking out of the glass wall of the hall that over looked the ocean. Images of what would happen when we reached my sisters room tainted my mind. "I said stop!" I screamed, throwing my whole body backwards so hard that I was able to to my wrist out of his grip. However, it caused me to fall on my butt extremely hard. Pain erupted throughout my back.

I groaned, but quickly decided I needed to run. So I did just that. Grant seemed to have recovered from the shock and confusion of what I did, as I saw in the windows reflection. He smiled sinisterly, before running towards me. Two strides, that's all it took, for him to tackle me to the floor and climb on top of me. He flipped me over on to my back and straddled my hips, which restricted my legs from kicking him. He quickly grabbed my arms and held them above my head to keep me from clawing at him.

"I think I like when you fight, little kitten," he murmured, making me groan with frustration. "It's so cute that you actually think you can win."

"Please, Grant....Please, stop. I don't want this." His thick, plump lips parted slightly as he stared down at me. He almost seemed to be studying me in a way.

"I'll tell you what. Kiss me, and I mean actually kiss me, not a damn peck...and I'll stop." My eyes widened. I can't kiss him! But I also don't want him to do anything else to me. I certainly don't want to go to my sisters room with him... "Tick tock, kitten," he muttered. "You have two seconds to decide before I take you to that room and shove my..." I cut him off mid sentence by slamming my lips to his. No way I was going to that room with him.

He groaned and released my arms. His hands wondered over me, gripping my breasts roughly. I felt his tongue run over my lips, asking for entrance. I shook my head, pursing my lips in denial. He growled, then grabbed my hair on the back of my head and yanked, causing me to gasp. His tongue darted into my mouth, running over my own tongue. He continued to kiss me roughly as his hand moved to my underwear and slipped inside. I still don't know how he knows my sweet spots so well, but he managed to touch them every single time. I couldn't help but moan when he pushed his finger inside of me.

I kissed him harder, allowing my tongue to explore his mouth, and gripped the collar of his shirt. His chest pressed against mine and he kept moving his finger inside of me. I turned my head to the side and grabbed his arm, roughly shoving it away from my shorts.

"I kissed you, so stop," I ordered. To my surprise, he did stop.

"A deal is a deal, princess," he said, pushing himself up and then pulling me up. I crossed my hands over my chest, turning my head to the side. Standing in front of him like this made me nervous. His body size and height made me look like a twig, and I'm not. I definitely have curves to me, and large, D sized breasts.

"Put some pants on," I heard him order. I peered up at him, literally needing to crane my neck upwards to stare at him.

"No. Grant, just leave me alone. Please..."

"Get dressed before I continue what we started just minutes ago." I gulped, but ran to my room to get dressed. I slipped into some skinnies and a grey T-shirt, along with some tennis shoes.

An idea came to mind. I peered out into the hallway. I saw no one, so I quietly made my way down the stairs to the front door. I know it's a bad idea, but it's too hard to give up. I can't do it, I have to fight it...fight him. This whole situation is insane.

I silently tiptoed towards the front door. I gripped the crystal door handle, took a deep, calming breath, and turned the knob. You know how people say their life flashes before their eyes when they in a terrifying situation where they think they are about to die? That's how I felt at this moment. Pictures and flashbacks of my childhood, special moments, first kisses, first dates.

Jace Preston was the first boy I had ever kissed. He was certainly not a popular kid in school. He had that black emo hair, with purple streaks, that covered his beautiful hazel eyes. He had snakebite piercings, band bracelets, and skull shirts. He got made fun of all the time in school.

(Flash Back)

"Hey, loser! Heard your mom is back in the hospital for being a fucking druggy," Derek Shelton shouted at Jace. Derek was the school jock/bully. He was doing this in the middle of the halls because he wanted people to see him being an "alpha male".

Jace peered at Derek and his goonies through his long hair that covered his eyes. He didn't say anything, he never did. He let them say what they wanted and do what they wanted. If he tried to fight it or talk would only make it worse.

But I'm sick of coming to school everyday and seeing Jace get bullied. He is a sweetheart, not many people know that since not many people have him a chance. They just watched him get bullied and assumed he is some sort of weirdo. Plus, you didn't want to get on Derek's bad side.

"Hey, Shelton!" I shouted, striding up to him. He turned, a smirked planted on his face.

"Hey, beautiful. How may I..." he trailed off when I ripped the lid off of my red 7-Eleven slushy and dumped it right on his checkered blue Holland shirt. Before he had a chance to react, I grabbed Jace's hand and ran off. School was out, so I led us outside and, since we lived in the same neighborhood, took him back to my house. My sister was likely hanging out with her friends and my parents were never home.

"You don't have to be nice to me," Jace said, standing awkwardly by my front door as I tossed my shoes to the side.

"Come on, Jace. We both know those guys have no reason to be such a dick to you. Somebody needed to stand up for you. You don't deserve that...and neither does your mom." He flicked his head to the side, revealing one side of his face and jammed his hands into his jacket.

"Thank you," he said simply. I nodded.

"Now, come on. I'm probably gonna be on my own tonight, so we can make popcorn and watch movies."

We spent the next hour in the kitchen, making brownies, popcorn, and mixing a candy bowl together. We finally sat down in my living room and put on a movie I rented from Prime.

I looked up when I felt eyes on me and saw Jace looking. He had tucked one side of his hair behind his ear, showing one side of his face. The boy is certainly a looker, more so than Derek and his jocks. Makes me wonder why he covers it up.

"Have you ever kissed a girl?" I blurted out, then turned beet red when I realized what I asked. It made me feel better when he did, too.

", no. Have you?" he asked. "Kissed a boy, I mean," he clarified. I shook my head 'no'. My hands felt sweaty. I didn't get nervous easily, but I was very nervous right now. But, I also felt the confidence to be able to cup his cheeks with my hands.

"Do you want to...I mean, do you..." I felt myself mumbling and not being able to finish the question. I was about to give up, run to my room and hide, when I felt warm, plump lips on mine.

It took me a moment to realize Jace was kissing me. I quickly responding by wrapping my arms around his neck, climbing onto his lap, and deepening the kiss.

(Flash Back End)

That was the last time I hung out with Jace. He ended up getting a haircut, working out at the gym, and taking over the roll of the bull/jock. He acted like I didn't exist and started dating Yoshika Carleton, the most popular girl at school. Regardless, I needed to snap out of it and get out of here.

"Princess, tell me you aren't trying to escape?" What's with this guy and always sneaking up on me?


Sorry if this was a bit boring, but I wanted to give a little of her back story! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the update!! ❤️❤️

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