10. 3 bottles and 1 friend

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   Alice's POV:

   Alice sat down at her kitchen table and looked at her front door. Everything was so silent, it was just her and her thoughts. She waited for him to come back through the door but she knew he was already gone.
   She had pushed everyone away. Even him. Her house felt so empty. Betty wasn't home, Hal was long gone and FP just had walked out.
   Alice felt rage and pain inside of her. She threw a vase at the wall and started crying. The pain was unbearable. It was tearing her apart like a hungry bear. A scream escaped her mouth. It wasn't a fearful scream. She just let her pain out in a loud, powerful scream.
   She ran to the sofa and sat down. She burried her head in her hands and just cried. A minute passed and she heard a knock at her door.
"God, can't you just leave me alone?"
She thought that. She didn't want to open, but she felt as she had to. As much as she wanted to end all this, she couldn't just break in front of others.
   She wiped her tears of her face and opened the door. She saw Fred. For a single moment she thought he was FP, but he wasn't. That was the problem.

   -Hello, Fred.

   She put on a fake smile but she couldn't hide her puffy and red eyes. She saw the worry in Fred's eyes.

   -Alice, what happened?

   Alice started closing the door, but Fred's hand stopped the door.

   -No, Alice. I can't leave you like this.
   -Fred, I'm fine. Please go.

   But Fred didn't obey. He just opened the door and walked into her house. She understood he wouldn't stop and just let him in. As he walked in she saw his expression.

   -The vase fell off the table.

   She thought of a quick excuse. She couldn't just say she threw it at a wall.

   -Alice, the wall has a bump in it. Please, don't lie. I even heard it hitting the wall.
   -Alright Fred. What do you want?
   -I want to help you. What happened?

   Alice remembered what she had done and burst into tears. Fred ran up to her and hugged her. Alice liked the feeling of someone holding her.

   -Alice, it's alright. Hal is gone, far away. You need to let it go.

   Now Alice started crying even more. Fred just couldn't understand what was wrong. But he didn't want to ask her. In a way, he was afraid of her.

   -Alice, I know it might sound crazy, but do you have anything to drink? Preferably, alcohol.

   Alice smiled at him, a genuine smile.

   -Yes, I'll bring the wine.

   She stood up and walked into her kitchen. She had three wine bottles in one of the cupboards. She took all of them and opened one. She took two glasses and poured them both some wine. She chugged down her glass and poured another one. Fred just stared at her in silence.

   -Alice, I need answers. What happened?

   Alice sat in silence, avoiding eye contact. She already felt a bit drunk.

   -Did it have something to do with FP?

   Alice looked into Fred's eyes with confusion and a little bit of fear.

   -How did you know?
   -I saw his car in front of your house. I also saw him leaving.

   Alice bursted into tears once again. She just couldn't hold all the pain inside her.
   That was a long night. Alice drank all the wine and Fred comforted her. She told him everything that happened and later fell asleep on her couch.
   As she drifted into sleep, Fred knew what he had to do. Without even considering the consequences, he texted his best friend.

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