Baby Blue

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The 'legend' of Baby Blue goes as follows:

Baby Blue was a baby, his mother (who was psychotic) murdered him. She shattered a mirror and stabbed him with one of the shards of glass. No one know what his real name was. ____________________________________________________________________________

The legend of Blue baby blue is a lot like Bloody Mary, it takes place in a bathroom and for the 'ritual' you need a mirror.

You enter the bathroom (as with Bloody Mary, go with a friend as to not freak yourself out) and fog up the mirror. Do this however you like, turning on hot water is quite effective! When the mirror is successfully fogged, you should write "Baby Blue" in the 'fog'.

Then you should turn off the light and wait for a few moments. After a minute or two you should hold out your arms as if you were carrying a baby. You or your friend will feel like a baby has been placed in your arms. You should hold the 'baby' for a while and then pass him to the next person. WATCH OUT though, if you drop him you will receive a scratch n your arm. Drop him again and you'll get another scratch. Feeling clumsy? Drop him a third time and he'll shatter the mirror and stab you to death.

There is also another version of the story. In this version, you enter the bathroom with the lights off. You should say the phrase "Blue Baby" over and over for thirteen goes whilst pretending to rock a baby. After you finish chanting, a baby will appear and scratch you. You should drop it and run out of the bathroom as quick as you can otherwise a woman will appear and scream "GIVE ME BACK MY BABY". If you are still holding her baby then she will kill you.

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