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It's currently 1:30 in the morning. Why are you up that late? You may ask. Oh well, that's because I snuck out to a party with some friends and am now trying my best not to wake up my mother. I fall through my bedroom window with a thud. I shush myself laughing while I force myself to get up giving a thumbs up to Carmen and Amy so they know I'm okay.

Carmen had to stay sober since she was the one driving while Amy, on the other hand, was shit faced drunk hanging her head out the window because she was quote on quote 'free like a dog'. I can hear Amy telling Carmen over and over that's she fine as they drive off.

I slide my window down and collapse onto my floor in a fit of giggles as I try to take off my shoes. Now I know what you're thinking and no I am not drunk. I don't drink. I am however high as fuck. Who would have thought 2 and ½ blunts would fuck you up like this? Me that's who I just didn't care. I'm feeling really hungry, really tired and really energized all in one.


After untying and cursing myself out for tying them so tight I toss my black and white high top converse to the side. I stand up twirling in a circle as I try and pull off my blue jean jacket then drop it to the floor. Then after catching my breath because that took a lot more effort then it should have I peel off my black t-shirt dress throwing it in the corner.

I rummage through my dresser and pull out my gray sweats pulling them on and slowly slide the dresser closed. As I tie my sweats I start looking around my darkroom for my shirt. I refuse to turn my lights on just in case my mom wakes up for water or something.

So I am now wandering around my room shirtless. Just sweats and my green lace bra. My head snaps up in the direction a sudden light come from. My neighbor. Ethan Dolan comes home. I look for my shirt faster turning in a circle looking on the floor.

Ethan Dolan is the schools' popular guy, who everyone knows and wants to be best fucking friends with or the girls want to smash, the guy who knows everyone. This man can have any female in the school but seems to always have a thing with the school community hoe, hoe, hoe Angelica. She's irrelevant so we won't go in on her.

"Hey" my head pops up looking around my room

"Okay now I've officially lost it," I say to myself laughing

"Hey" I hear it again slightly less muffled. I look out my window confused and am greeted by a shirtless Ethan. Okay, he is sexy I'll give him that but I would never let him know that.

Trying to stop my giggles and smile but ultimately fail I walk over to my window thanking god my mom isn't a light sleeper. Struggling a little bit I manage to slide my window back up and sink down into to frame trying to keep my eyes open, with a stupid smile I can't seem to get rid of.

"You good there?" Ethan asks. I look behind me. I look down outside. Then I look back at him and point to myself. Ethan chuckles and nods his head "Yeah you" he's deep voice sent a shiver down my spine.

"I don't know the correct answer to that question" I slur my words a little.

"Y'know you don't have a shirt on right," he asks cocking an eyebrow

"No shit Captain Obvious, you don't either plus I can't find it," I say throwing my hands up. Ethan laughs and I pout crossing my arms "It's not funny, I really want it".

"What's  in your hand?" Ethan nods his head towards my crossed arms. I uncross them and there's my shirt. Clutched in my hand. I laugh at myself as I slip it on. I pull my hair out of my face into a high messy bun.

"It's Ali right?" Ethan asks a little too loud for comfort

"Sshhh. It's one in the morning" I say through giggles, pressing my finger against my lips.

"Didn't I see you at the party tonight?" he says

" I don't know. Did you?" I say pulling on socks. He did, I know he did because I saw him but acted as if I didn't and continued to party and dance with Carmen and Amy.

"Yeah, I did. You were wearing all black and both times I saw you-you had two different fat blunts" Ethan laughs and I laugh at how he says it

"Yep that was me" Ethan looks down and then back at me.

"First time?" he questions. I nod my head.

"Feels kinda nice" I comment. And that's the last thing I remember before it goes dark.

A/N: Okay so that was the first chapter. I thought it came out pretty okay but like I said tell me what you thought about it

Thanks for reading it💛

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