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"Gawa can you not give the tickets to someone else cause I don't think I'm ready" I said grabbing the back of my neck
"Que you'll be aight, Prince is also finna be there but he's just gonna be backstage"

"Nah I still feel like this ain't gon work Finneas and Patrick hate my ass" I said
"Well I mean they think you cheated on her"
"Que stop being a bitch you are good"

"Yeah okay.. I'm alright"
No matter how much I told myself that I wouldn't believe it I was tripping hard I missed Billie and she probably didn't miss me


"Come on Que you love this song" Prince said
"Yeah you right, I was just thinking about how in two minutes we gotta leave this car to walk into the venue"
"Yeah and then you are gonna ask Billie to talk." Gawa said

"What do I even say though?" I ask looking for help
"Dude say what's on you're mind" Prince said
"Come on lets goooo" Gawa says
"Ayeeee JUU DIIGG!" Prince says hoping out of the car

All I heard was screaming and girls crying. we got pretty close to the stage to which made shit hard to take

"Okay so this next song is about someone who was and is still deep in my heart... I mean like I don't know..." Billie fake laughs
"But no I was seriously hurt by this person..."
"Awww" the crowd says

"Yeah but um if I get emotional you know why" Billie laughs

Immediately when she started playing the piano it sounded so familiar it sounded exactly like what she played in her room the day I stayed the whole night.
The lyrics really fucked me up I wanted to hold her

"Yo I gotta go" I said to Gawa as I walked outta the crowd with several people pointing out that I was there

I stood behind the venue looking up at the cloudy night sky
"Hey" I heard a familiar voice behind me
I turn around

Finneas was standing behind me
"You know I wanted to kill you right?"
"Yeah I don't blame you fin I want to kill me too"
"Look Brandon I liked you you made Billie happier than she's ever been, and I know you didn't do it"

It started spiting rain

I look at him confused
"She talks about you everyday"
"Look Finneas Im sorry that I hurt her, even though I didn't cheat I swear I'm sorry"
"She's wanted to see you"

"She did." I asked very softly
"Yeah for a while and the show ends in like a half an hour if you wanna just come back stage."
"No I-, I can wait out here"
"Brandon you sure it's raining?"
"Say just tell her I'm here you gotta play the piano fin"
"Alright. You're not a bad person."

I look at Finneas
"Go Finneas shes gonna need ya"
Finneas walks back into the venue


I should've taken Finneas up on his offer and just went in it's been like 40 minutes now and they still never can out
Maggie and Patrick followed by 2 security guards came out
Then Finneas and Billie came out

"Billie look" Finneas pointed at me
Billie looked at confused sad and hurt
I knew Finneas was lying
"Sorry I knew this was a bad idea"

"Mom, dad, Finneas can you guys can head home."
"Are you sure sweetheart" Maggie said
"Yeah" they all then got in the car and drove away

"Hey.." Billie said with I half smile
"Hi Billie" she walks closer to me
"How have you been?" she asks moving even closer
"I've been existing... you?"
Billie grabs my face holding it in her hands

I stare into her ocean eyes
She pulls my head down slowly and softly and kisses me softly
She slowly puts her head against my chest moving her hands slowly down to my chest

"I missed you so much" she cried
"Like a lot Brandon" she looks up at me and smiles
I wipe the tears off her face
"Can we go to You're car?" She asks
"Yeah okay" I said confused about what just happened

We get in front of my car and she grabs my hand and puts it underneath her panties
I look at her confused
She pushes my hand down more

"Are you sure?" I ask
She nods her head
I push my middle finger inside of her and she leans against the car door I lean against her body. looking at her eyes rolling back trying not to fully give in.

"Hi Billie!" A little girl says
I quickly take my hand out of her pants really fast turning towards the voice
It was a fan

"H- hi" Billie stuttered
"Are you okay?" Billie asks
She looks back at me nervously
"Yeah is that 7?"
"Yeah" she said
"Oh hello"
"Hi" I smiled and I Was a bit annoyed
"Can I get I photo with you guys?"
"Of course" Billie said
"7 can you take the picture?" The little girl asks
I had Billies cum on my fingers but I couldn't say no
I grab her phone with my left hand and took shitty pictures she wanted one with me too and we too a selfie of the three of us

She walks away and when she turned the corner I told Billie to get into the car

(Dw the next chapter is better)

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