Chapter 22

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I closed my case as another burglar escaped. Its the same shit I do everyday, my head is spinning to the top but I fight to death to earn money for my apartment. I save the others for my needs and kept myself focus on the issue.

Dealing with every spiritual effects. As I put the puzzles together, we began to investigate at an abandoned shack.

"Impossible. The dominion should ruin the life but I didn't expect they never realized they created the Beneath. I thought I was in hell. No wonder why I'm still breathin'. Those morons took every power and its turning into a... thing." Kai thought.

"Whatever it is... I think they aren't that bad. I don't want to be mean, but you're overreacting. Maybe they're lost or they want to live again." Danny stated.

"We haven't had the chance to talk all of them. They suddenly wants us dead."

I placed a carved stone in the table.

"I saw one of these into their homes. What do you think this is?" I asked a s Janna took the stone examining through her fingers.

"I've read this is a rune stone, This can see the fortune, or who you are and what your future will be." Janna explained. "But its probably nonsense."

"Y'all think this is a game? Those dingbats will rip ya heads off. And what their power might cause." Kai sneered.

As I tentatively touch the stone examining its strange carving as my thumb pressed its carve as a bright flash struck my nerves.

It lead me outside the campus, as I saw myself running to the halls chasing a black smoke coming from the building. It flashes chasing into next scene, as I tackled it flashing my bracelet into its chest.

Then it flashes taking me back to reality. The hell?

"Hey! I've been waving at you. We need to head back." Simon cocked his head as we head outside leaving the shack.


I flip into my textbooks for the exam and I couldn't get my mind off the vision earlier, impossible for me to focus. Yet I still have night shifts.

"How are you holding up?" Juniper poked her head into my desk.

"Fantastic. Bleachy." I shrugged.

"You need a little break, you've been gone for a week. And Captain retired so we have another one on the precinct. God, its worse he's a fatass bossing around and sitting in his chair farting." She complained.

You have no idea.

"Isn't that what Captain's do? Also ew." I wrinkled my nose.

Large footsteps entered as a round man with a broom mustache in his mid forties. Glared around the room.

"Alright! Double work! We have a lot of cases to work. And you! Check the prisoners! You give me coffee. Bitter. No sugar. Now!" He roared. God Juniper was right.

"You pipsqueak!" He turned to me pointing an accusing finger into my face.

"Yes, sir?" I nodded.

"Go make yourself useful and check the cells. Reported a missing child and found dead on the tress... Jesus. These reports are blowing up." He shook his head as my mind raced through previous events. The bark woods reminded me of the history of Cedar Oaks.

I went to the cell room and walked into the cell of the suspect directed by the Captain.

"Alright. Topaz Ramirez?" I stated and he didn't look up as I mentioned his name.

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