Go On (20)

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     She opened her eyes to look over at Warrick. He was at the edge of the hot spring, dressed in a long sleeve, black t-shirt. His forehead had a light sheen to it. 

     Aeress basked in the warm water, just enough to where she was more relaxed than ever before. "What are you reading?" She questioned. He had his nose buried in a book. Is that what she looked like often? 

     He didn't respond for a couple seconds. "Something useful." 

     She twisted so that she was floating on her stomach, facing him. She propped her chin on her hands which were settled on the edge, close to his location. "I should be doing something too." 

     "You are..." he responded, eyes latched to the page. "Healing. Your body has been through a stressful time." 

     She frowned. "You should too. I hurt you. You deserve res-"

     He put the book down briefly to stare at her in disapproval. "You didn't do anything, and you would do well to listen this time around to what I say. Creatures such as her are not known to be gentle, neither is mine. This world is just as savage as your old one, maybe even more so in some ways." 

     Aeress still felt like the blood was caked on her. "Yeah, I am starting to learn that." She pulled herself out of the water, feeling as the droplets of water streamed down her plain white tanktop and her comfortable, cotton panties. 

    She took the book from his hand and put it off to the side. His eyes were glued to her chest-as it was obvious she was not wearing a bra. "What are you doing?"

     "Resting," she answered, facing him as she straddled his lap. She draped her wet arms over his shoulders and played with the back of his collar. He watched her curiously. Her fingers pressed into the back of his neck, urging his lips against hers. This kiss was slow and sensuous, patient yet eager all the same. 

     Aeress pulled back and examined his dampened body. "Why is it that I barely ever see what's underneath? It's hot in this room, yet you're dressed for Alaska, like always. And don't tell me you get cold easily because you feel like a hundred degrees right now." 

     His eyes hardened. She could sense his walls rising slowly. "I prefer these clothes." 

     She glided her hands upward into his locks and looked straight into his captivating blue eyes. "Show me... Please." 

    His severe features deepened with suspicion, but in just the slightest bit, he leaned into her touch. "Go on."

    She skimmed her hands downward, taking a hold of the bottom of his shirt and lifting upwards. He complied and allowed her to remove his shirt. 

     Aeress examined his naked upper body. She was immediately fascinated and enchanted, and wary of how he could possibly achieve such a copious amount of tattoos on his skin.

    "What do they mean?" She meant to ask a million times before, but something had always come up to distract her attention on something more urgent.

    "It's in the ancient language of Godhead. It is tradition for Premier to wear her scripture." He grimaced as her hands flitted across the fresh wounds she had caused. She muttered a quick apology. It was impossible for her to keep her hands off.

     "Why do you hide them?" She couldn't understand why. The markings were gorgeous-daunting, yes, but still gorgeous.

     "It's distracting for others, I simply decided to eliminate the distraction." He shrugged as his hands curled around her hips. 

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