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David and I have done nothing all day but lie around in bed and do some editing here and there. We kept getting distracted easily- with each other. I know at one point we were making out intensely that David wanted to stop.

"I can't leave you all sore because we have some things to do tomorrow." He explains.

"How hard did you plan on going?" I ask him, almost teasing him with my smirks he finds really hard to resist. He says when I give him a dirty smirk, he wants to do so much to me. I find that kind of hot if I'm honest.

"Way harder than I intend to." He shakes his head. I laugh at him because I find it funny that he can barely control himself when we're alone together.

Since that happened, I stay leaned back against the headboard and David lays his head in my lap as we stare at our phones. We were taking a break from editing right now. We've been editing since we woke up this morning. Like I said- we keep getting distracted.

"I think I'm gonna go to the kitchen and find something to eat. Want anything?" He asks as he gets up from the bed.

"Just a water." I simply say.

"You're not hungry?" He asks. I shake my head as I kept my eyes on my phone, scrolling through my Instagram feed.

"Mmm nope." I say.

"I'm getting some airheads. Want a color?" He then asks, standing with his hands on his hips.

"No." I tell him.

"Are you sure? I like the blue ones. Their pretty good." He continues on. I huff out a smile, shaking my head as I kept my eyes on my phone.

"No, David. I'm fine." I tell him.

"Hey." He says. I purposely ignore him and continue on my phone.

"Lauren." He calls my name. Yet I continue to ignore him. He suddenly grabs my neck and forces me to look at him. I begin laughing at the way he wanted my attention on him.

"When I say your name, I expect you to look me in the eyes." He chuckles.

"What do you want!" I yell.

"You." He quickly replies. Before I was able to peep a single thing, he smashes his lips on mines. He's quick to push me down on my back and he climbs on top of me, resting his body between my legs. I run my hands up his body and tangle them into his hair. He groans in the kiss and he grabs my hands. He pushes them down on either side of my head and he continues on making out with me, biting my bottom lip and pulling away every now and then. He suddenly starts grinding his body against mines and I break the kiss to let out a breathy moan. My legs lift up and wrap around his waist. His grip on my wrists tighten and he hides his face in my neck, letting out a low groan.

He then starts kissing my neck and I finally let out a moan as he found my sweet spot. The sudden thought of Natalie being in the house pops into my head and I contain my moans.

"D-David." I pause. "We can't do it now. Natalie is here and she'll hear us." I breathe.

"She's out doing errands for me." He responds. He releases one of my hands and he slips his free hand up my shirt. I could feel my face pinking up from the feeling of his hand on my breast.

"I need you, Lauren. I really do." He breathes. He pulls his whole body away and he stares at me. I look into his eyes and there's nothing but lust in them. My mouth quivers into a smile and I take a deep breath before responding to him,

"Take me." He slips his shirt off and he takes mines off as well. He leans back down and we make out again. He kisses my neck again and I let out soft moans.

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