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            Mina took in a deep breath and exhaled as she looked up the steps to the entrance of the Dwight International School. She had stayed the night at Jeongyeon's and arrived with her this morning. She was encouraged by the older girl to stay put for it may not be safe for her to come back to school but Mina had told Jeongyeon that it wouldn't be any safer to be alone. She couldn't fathom the extent of this stalking, of the silent assaults as she sat alert. She looked around for Son Chaeyoung, being alert and gripping her taser she had bought recently. "Hey would you like to-." Mina turned quickly and showed her taser. A girl with black hair, eyes that seemed to smile looked at her with shock. "I'm sorry. I-I'm Kim Dahyun. I just wanted to give you this flier for my church." She said and with a shaking hand held out the flier for Mina. Mina blushed and put away her taser. "Sorry, I've been on edge lately." Mina said softly. Dahyun smiled and held out her hand. "Well as I said I'm Kim Dahyun. Personal therapist to all. If you need to discuss anything just come find me and we'll step into my office." Dahyun said. Mina shook her hand. "Your office. Where is it?" Mina asked. Dahyun took hold of Mina's arms and moved her to the right. "Right here." Dahyun said. Mina couldn't tell if the younger girl was being sarcastic or not. "I've heard a lot about you Miss Myoui. New student and you're already feeling the wrath of....who's attacking you again?" Dahyun asked. Mina looked around for prying eyes. She wasn't around, the girl that drove her mad. "Son Chaeyoung." Mina whispered. Dahyun raised a brow. "Eh? Son Chaeyoung? What did she do this time?" Dahyun asked. This time? Had she done other things other than kill Lee Chaeyeon? "She kidnapped me from the roof top and took me to her home. There were pictures of me all over her board." Mina said. Her stomach began to turn as she remembered seeing every picture. Dahyun furrowed her brows. "Huh? I mean she likes to take pictures of everything. But she doesn't have pictures of you I think." Dahyun said. Mina raised a brow. "How do you know?" She asked. "I was at her house yesterday. She's one of my best mates." Dahyun said. Mina stepped away from the girl. Best mates? Surely anyone associated with Son Chaeyoung could not be trusted. "Is she bothering you?" A familiar voice asked. Mina turned around to see Tzuyu staring at them with a a blank expression. Dahyun gritted her teeth and balled her hand. That girl, that p.a. She had some nerve two years ago egging people on to call Chaeyoung a murderer. "Well?" Tzuyu asked and looked at Mina with a blank expression. "I was just leaving. Don't worry." Dahyun said and hurried away. Tzuyu bit the inside of her cheek. "Tzuyu, I haven't seen you in a while." Mina said and gave Tzuyu a shy smile. Tzuyu nodded and turned on her heels signalling Mina to follow. Mina did so willingly and held her books tightly close to her chest. As they entered the school, they were met with a grinning Park Jihyo. "Good morning Mina, you've been absent. Make sure to bring a note tomorrow." Jihyo said and smiled. Mina's heart raced. She replayed the scene on the roof over and over. How Jihyo had a maddening look in her eyes. How she hadn't helped her from being kidnapped. Mina gave Jihyo a nervous smile and nodded. "Tzuyu we'll talk in the office yeah?" Jihyo asked and gently squeezed Tzuyu's arm. The younger girl nodded. Jihyo looked at Mina one last time and smiled her charming smile only to send a shiver down Mina's spine. The two watched Jihyo walk away. "You okay?" Tzuyu asked. "Tzuyu....something weird happened. And I....I think she's working with Son Chaeyoung." Mina said. A smile appeared on Tzuyu's face. "What makes you say that?" Tzuyu asked and placed her hand gently on Mina's arm. "I....I was kidnapped on the roof by Son Chaeyoung. And Jihyo....she watched me. She watched me get kidnapped." Mina bit her trembling lip. Tzuyu's smile turned into a grin. She squeezed Mina's arm. "I'll have a talk with her. I'll protect you Mina." She said. Mina looked Tzuyu in the eyes. She had never seen this look before. The same look she saw in Jihyo's eyes. She furrowed her brows. "Y-you're hurting me." Mina whimpered. Tzuyu let go and rubbed Mina's cheek with her thumb. "I'm sorry." She smiled lovingly at Mina making the Japanese girl relax. "I'll have a word with her. Go to class and I'll get you later." Tzuyu said. Mina nodded and turned on her heels. Before she reached the end of the hall she looked back over her shoulder and saw Dahyun giving her a sympathetic look. But what was there to sympathize her for? Mina turned her head around and bumped into a body. "Oh sorry." She said and looked up. Looking up she saw a pale faced figure. The figure held out their hand offering it to help Mina up. Mina took it and instantly shivered. It was cold. She looked around. There was no one in sight. "Uh, thank you." Mina said and looked at the figure. The girl was silent and turned on her heels, walking away quickly. "Wait. You dropped something. Your book." Mina said and followed the girl. Mina called out to her, went as far as following her to the roof top. "Hey. You dropped-." But before she could finish her sentence, like a magic trick, the girl disappeared into thin air right before Mina's eyes. "Your book." Mina breathed out. She looked down at the book and read the name. Lee Chaeyeon. Mina's heart skipped a beat. That girl. That ghostly figure. Could it have been her? Mina gripped the book tightly. She looked up and saw the girl again. This time she was on the ledge facing her. "Lee Chaeyeon! No! Stop you'll fall!" Mina screamed and began running. She reached her hand out was too late. The ghostly figure fell to her death. "No!" Mine screamed. She fell on her knees and looked over the ledge, her hand still held out. Looking down, she saw nothing. Her eyes fluttered, tears formed in her eyes. "You know." A voice said. Mina jumped and turned around to see Chaeyoung holding the book she had dropped. Chaeyoung sighed. "I loved her. Just I think I love you. It's strange." Chaeyoung took a step forward causing Mina to grip the ledge. "You're deliberately going out of your way to deny me your love. When you know nothing about me. But now you know, about her." Chaeyoung said. The young girl turned on her heels. With her back to Mina, she smiled. "Maybe you'll change your view on me now that you know. Because you can see her now too." Chaeyoung said and walked away. Mina slowly gripped her hair tightly. Tears fell from her eyes. She was losing her mind. She knew now what Chaeyoung felt.

Ahh I got all three versions of the albums today. Was so happy that when I was ripping open the box by using the scissors I ended up cutting myself. -Drea 😂

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