Here We Go - The Start

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Okay, first things first.

This is just a wee guide for all the new werewolf writers that are entering into the genre, I've noticed a lot lately that people are writing werewolf stories without knowing... essentially, what a werewolf is. How they function, what they can and can't do.

What I write in this book isn't law, you can do other things that your mind comes up with. Just remember to be creative, people love creative writers. If you're just going to regurgitate other plots that have been done so many times over in the exact same order then you're more likely to get few good readers.

Diversity is the key!

Anyway, what qualifies me to write this guide?

Nothing does.

I've been writing werewolf stories for near on two years now, each time I write it's different to the last.

Where can you find my work? 

I'd rather not point out my personal profile, but rest assured, I do write werewolf stories.

In this guide I will cover as much as I can, from how someone can become a werewolf to...pelt colour, abilities and all those sorts of things.

I would also warn you all, I swear a lot. So, be warned!

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