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   "I'm a what?" She asked him choking on her pizza.

    "A hell hound. Its a gene that usually stays dormant for centuries then wakes up." He said to her "so you were the lucky person who go the gene." He explained.

   "Wow.. Thats pretty wow." She whispered not knowing what to say. "My brother thought I was a wolf and killed someone."

   "Nope werewolves have to kill someone in order to become one. Hell hounds just go by luck and whoever the gene gets stuck in boom." He said and she giggled at his explaination.

   "Basically we're unlucky fuckers that got stuck with the gene that could literally kill this planet?" She asked and he thought for a moment.

   "Yep that sums it up." He said and she shook her head.

   "Oh how unlucky." She mumbled finishing her pizza before setting the plate down. "You know when you said that it reminded me of harry potter."

  "You're a hell hound Kayden" Warren teased smiling in the most fake and absurded british accent he could've ever said.

   "A hell hound? N-no I can't be a hell hound. I'm Kayden. I'm just K-Kayden" Kayden said back reenacting the scene with him and the two laughed smiling. Kayden never felt so happy before. She looked at him "I'm glad to finally meet you Warren." She said to him. He paused and smiled at her.

   "Nice to meet you too Den." He said and Kayden raised a brow.

    "No one has ever called me Den" She said to him and he looked her into the eyes.

   "Well then I guess I'll be the first and only one." He said to her and Kayden blushed immediately. Was there seriously chemistry between the two already? Josie. The thought of that Saltzman smile brought a smile to Kaydens face but it also brought her pain.

   "Ah I can't believe I was able to run for so long." Kayden said yawning before leaning back "I need a nap." She mumbled.

   "Sleep. You'll need your rest." Warren got up and went to his room then went to her handing her a pillow. Kayden took it and laid her head down on the pillow yawning once more before closing her eyes.


   Darkness. Thats all she was surrounded by. She felt like she was floating in an empty space. She turned her head and saw something lit up in flames. She swam over "Kaydence?!" She heard a man shout. The screams got louder as she went over to the flame. She looked at it then the flame consumed her. She gasped and opened her eyes. "Kaydence run before it's too late." It was Saltzman.

   A guy the familiar guy with blue eyes ran shooting a ball of ice out of his hands. Kayden looked to see where the ball was going and it hit hound with yellow eyes. She was in a town a familiar town. She heard crying, sounds of two babies screaming their heads off. She walked over to the door that was cracked.

   "I can't leave you." It was the sound of her mothers voice. She sounded heartbroken.

   "You have too. To be safe. Please." He whispered and she looked at two children. Both were crying harder. Suddenly the door bursted open. "Hide in the safe closet. Saltzman put a spell on it. Once you enter no one except a human can get in." He shouted "I'll protect you. Go." He said and Kayden teared up looking at the babies. Barely looked one years old. One was a boy and one was a girl. It was her and Rafael her brother. She saw her mom walk over to them and grabbed them by their hands and walked them to a protected closet.

  "Hey it's okay. Don't cry." Her mom whispered "I'll come back for you. I love you two so much." She teared up kissing their heads softly. She closed the door behind the two and stood next by her husband looking at the hell hound making his way in.

   Kayden just watched in the corner. As the two cried kissing eachother one last time before the man set the house on fire. Burning it while the hound was inside. Everything was in flames as Kayden cried. She saw the hound make its way to the closet. She ran infront of it glaring at the wolf which stopped as her eyes turned red. She stood over him watching the wolf catch on fire protecting her brother. She just stared as he yelped trying to run out of the house but everything caved in except for the closet.

   Kayden shot up gasping for air. Her head hurt like crazy and she realized she was no longer on the couch. But in a bed wearing a long shirt that covered her body. She frowned trying to understand her dream. She laid back on the pillow wiping her eyes. Kaydence. She thought. Kayden was her name. She was named after her mom. A woman who sacrificed herself for her two children instead of abandoning them.

   Kayden started crying at the misunderstanding. All of her brother and hers life they thought their parents abandoned them. They sacrificed themselves to protect their kids from that hell hound. The hound with yellow eyes. She got up and wiped her eyes walking out of the room and seen Warren outside doing push ups. She opened the door and walked out.

   "Finally up sleepy head?" He asked and Kayden sat on the steps silent for a few minutes as he continued his push ups.

    "How long was I out?" She asked him and he stopped and stood up grabbing his towel wiping the sweat off his face.

  "A day and a half" He said grabbing some water and Kayden sighed shaking her head. "It was a long trip. I wasn't surprised." He said and Kayden snorted. The walked over to thing that he jumped up and did pull ups.

    "I had a dream. My mom." She whispered frowning "My dad. They sacrificed themselves." She admitted sighing "All of our life my brother and I just thought they left us." She teared up "its been a hell of a fucking week." She mumbled sighing.

   "It happens when you're a hell hound. You remember your past life. Sometimes your death." He said "My dad died trying to protect a town." He mumbled.

   "My dad was too." She whispered. "From another-" she paused and sighed she sighed "I was so young. Could barely walk. We thought they just left.."

    "Hey. Sometimes the truth hurts worse than the lie we believed." He whispered stopping his pull ups and sitting beside her.

   "They were trying so hard to protect that place. Even the Saltzmans were there." She looked up. "I want to find it. My home." She mumbled and he looked at her.

   "I know where it is." He said to her and she looked at him. "When I was on my lone hound voyage I found the town" he drank some water.

   "Could you take me to it please? I need to see it for myself." She whispered.

    "It's pretty far." He said to her and she looked at him in desperation. "Fine I'll take you. But you need different clothes. You can't keep the shirt and borrow my sweatpants forever." He said and she hugged the sweaty man. She got up and went to get dressed excited to see where she was from.

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