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Previously in the Hounds

"You mean to tell me. You left a hell hound. A fire hell hound in the transitioning cell?" Dr. Saltzman asked. "Are you crazy?!" He ran down following by Hope and Josie to see the room empty and a hole burned into the middle.


  "You did not have the authority." Alaric shouted at Josie.


"Where is she going?" Hope asked.

"Going to find her other hound." He whispered gently frowning.

"Last night we had a transition. One of our students that we are now aware of as Kayden has left the cell and is on the loose. She could be anywhere. Keep your eyes and ears out for her. We will find her as soon as possible." Alaric said and Rafael frowned wanting to go find his sister. But he had to think of the pack first. "We will do everything in our will to make sure she is home safe and sound. You're dismissed." He said.

   Kayden felt like she was running for hours. Her legs were killing her. When she wasn't a wolf she was a human. She ran until she found a small town. Where was she? She looked around and grabbed a small blanket she stole covering herself. She limped from her feet hurting. She looked around seeing the place she was in was pretty small. She blinked softly seeing one coffee shop. One old library. Farms and lands. The roads were practically old and needed to be repaved.

"Welcome." That voice. She knows that voice. She turned around and saw a tall handsome man. His skin was icy pale and his eyes were the brightest blue. His hair dirty blonde but long and tied back. He had a bit of a southern accent. "To Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Its nice to finally meet you Kayden"

"Your voice is alot more southern in person." Kayden whispered softly and he chuckled.

"I know. I sound different in your head but you still recognized me." He teased and pulled off his jacket handing it to her. "It hides more." He said and she pulled off the blanket slipping on the hoodie mighty quickly that came down past her butt to her thighs. She grabbed the jacket and looked at him. "Come with me I bet you're hungry." He said and she looked at him nervously. "I don't want to hurt you. Trust me. It'll be like hurting myself and I don't want to deal with that pain." He explained and she blushed before walking with him to his car.

He opened the door and she eyed him suspiciously before getting in and he got into the drivers side. "There's not much as you can see." He said. "Mainly retired folks. Some schools here but barely." He said and she nodded gently. "And there is a coffee shop. I think you saw it once you got here." He smiled. "Mainly the trees here."

"Yeah." She smiled softly as they made their way to his house. The house he stayed in was pretty small. It was really beautiful and a bit blue. He had tons of forest behind him and a chimney on the top of his roof signalling a fireplace.

"You must be cold from running naked all night." He said as they walked inside of his house and he turned on the fireplace sitting her infront. Kayden looked around seeinf pictures of him with his family. She smiled softly as she heard his footsteps to the small kitchen. "You hungry? I saved some pizza and wings for us." He smiled gently. The man was so kind to her but he barely knew her. Well they did know eachother. Being stuck inside eachothers head for a few years definitely does something with you.

"Whats your name?" Kayden asked sitting by the fire place still as he made them plates and sat beside her.

"Warren." He said and she looked at him and let out a giggle.

"Warren?" She asked laughing as she bit into her pizza and he mocked her laugh.

"Oh haha very funny this is why I didnt want to tell you my name." He stuck his tongue out at her and she smiled. It was strange seeing the man who wouldn't shut up finally in person. He was so cheerful and cheeky. A bit teasing.

"What about the knife I should've got it." She whispered frowning.

"Don't worry about that. I handled that the moment you didnt have access to it now eat. You were running all night I know you are hungry." He said to her and Kayden grabbed the pizza and sniffed for poison before taking a bite into it.

"Its good." Kayden said with her mouth full and he smiled gently as he looked at the fire. Kayden frowned thinking about her brother and how she just left him. But it was for his own good. To not cause anymore danger until she controlled herself also because she wanted to meet the annoying fucker-

"Hey. Let me remind I can hear you." He said and she smiled innocently.

"You've been nonstop talking and taunting for years. I have every right to say you're annoying so eh." She said after swallowing a piece of her pizza. "How old are you Warren?" She asked.

"19." He said and she raised a brow.

"Living in this tiny home alone?" She asked him.

"Well. I did have to seclude myself to control my powers." He said to her and she nodded gently. "Its quiet. No high crime rate. Pretty calm if you asked me honestly." He said to her and she ate more of her pizza. "No one that would want to hunt me down. This place is secluded mainly for retirees. But they live closer to the place." He said and she nodded gently.

"How long have you been here Warren" she teased and he scoffed at her.

"Since I was 17, Kayden" he said as the two ate smiling a bit. She has never been this playful. Not even with Rafael.

"It's so weird. I'm eating with a guy who has literally been stuck in my head since I was 15." She said and he chuckled.

"Yep. Even ran naked in the woods for him." He joked and she smiled blushing.

"I wanted answers. And I was in and out of transitioning so I wasn't in the right state of mind." She said making an excuse.

"Mhm like who is this annoying mystery man stuck inside my fucking head?" He asked and she nodded.

"Right down to the core." She said sarcastically and he chuckled a bit. Kayden thought about Josie and how she was doing. She hoped she was okay. She frowned thinking about betrayal that was given.

"So have a thing for Saltzman's daughter. Nice." He teased.

"It was... One kiss." She said shyly before smiling "a small interest. Yes. I just am curious about her is all. Well I was... Now I don't know" She said to him frowning. He smiled at her "How do you know Dr. Saltzman anyways?" She asked as she bit into her pizza.

"Tried recruiting me when I was 16 and I had lost control of my powers. Parents loved the school. I hated it. So I denied. I wanted to be secluded from everyone." He said to them and she understood. "Since my parents knew of my powers they understood. Bought me this place and land. And thats when.. I learned to control it."

"I tried to seclude myself. Brother didn't like it." She mumbles shrugging

"I know. I saw your memories." He whispered frowning. "But I'm glad you're here now. So you won't feel the pressure of harming others while you control your urges."

"What am I?" Kayden finally asked "I couldnt hear what Jed said when I was shifting because ya know... Immense pain." She said and Warren let out a chuckle.

"Kayden, you're a rare kind of supernatural. One of two. Well three but we won't talk about him." He said to her "not yet. But Kayden you're a Hell Hound."

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