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  Kayden ran from the woods to the school. She sensed her brother was extremely angry and she went to find him. She barged into the room seeing Landon wrapped in bandages. Her eyes turned red. "Kayden deep breathes." Hope said but she didn't listen

  "Who did it?" She asked and the two didn't answer. "Who. Did. It?! Who hurt you I'll kill them." She shouted and Landon frowned. "Jed." Whispered in her head "Was it Jed?!" She asked and Landon looked away. Thats the answer she needed. She left the room going to find the man.

   "Wait Kayden its okay he only did it because Raf is the alpha now." Landon shouted and that only made Kayden more angry. Her hair lit on fire as she ran down the stairs to find Jed doing whatever he was and Rafael in the garden. She stomped over to Jed. "Kick his ass." It was a completely different voice than her other. Usually the voice was country but this one wasn't.. Weird.

   "Hey?!" She shouted and Jed looked at her as she kicked him hard in the gut making him fly in the woods. Kayden ran over and jumped on top of him punching him over and over. She kicked him in the stomach. Her hands balled up with fire burning his face each punch. "I'm going to kill you." She hissed out in anger lifting him up and throwing him across the forest into a tree causing him to grunt and cough up blood. She went over and choked him shaking with anger.

  "Kayden?!" Hope shouted with Josie and Kaleb behind her "stop. You'll kill him." She said.

    "He deserves it." She shouted at them.

   "Kayden-" MG started


   "Kayden." Josie said and Kayden paused stopping calming down immediately. Why? She didn't know. "This isn't you. Stop." She whispered and Kayden frowned.

  "Rafael. Stop. Please." She pleaded as he shoved her "Rafael!" She shouted. Kayden was flung back hitting into a tree with a large crack falling over as she cried out.

  "What the hell Jed." Hope shouted

   "She was going to kill me." He shouted and Kayden cried out in pain gripping the ground. She started twisting and turning as they saw her bones popping "she's shifting." He said in realization.

   "Shit. MG get the chains. Josie call Dr. Saltzman. NOW." she said and ran over to Kayden. Kayden's eyes turned a dark red as her screams could be heard from across the campus. "Keep Rafael away from Kayden." She said to Josie as MG came back with the chains.

  "Help. Me." She shouted in pain crying out. It felt like fire was going through her veins. "You're going to be okay little one." She cried out louder as her nails grew sharper and she let out a growl.

   Jed went beside her "hey you're going to be okay." He said. Even though she tried to kill him. He understood her pain. Kayden hiccupped and cried out as she looked at him

   "Help... Me..." She whispered weakly as MG came back with the chains. They chained her up to a tree her teeth sharpened and she shifted. She was huge as a wolf. Bigger than Jed has ever seen in the school. He backed up seeing her coat on fire as she growled loudly. Her eyes were now a fury red as she tried to escape the chains. They looked at her in shock.

  "She is not a wolf." Jed said and Kayden let out a howl. "She's a hell hound." He whispered and they stood there watching her.


   Kayden woke up in a cell gripping the bars. Her eyes were still red but she could see. She let out a growl gripping the cage tightly. "I think its time we finally meet up. Come to me." The voice said. The usual one she knew and she could feel him. Not near but she could feel him. She gripped the bars and melted a hole in them. She walked down the hall hearing her brother. She shook out of her trance and went to see what her brother was doing. She stood by the doorway hearing Hope, Kaleb, Rafael, and Josie. They were deciding if Landon stays. Ofcourse he couldn't and she could feeling her brothers heartbreak, betrayal, and anger.

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